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Cassi's artist presentation: Daniel Rozin


-Born in 1961 in Jerusalem
-Trained as an industrial designer at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
-Lives and works in New York


Interactive artist:
-Creates installations and sculptures
-Art responds to point of view, presence, and interaction of the viewer
-Invites viewer to be an active role in the creation of his art
-Identity and culture based
-Associate Art Professor at ITP, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU
“The World-Pixel by Pixel”, “Project Development Studio”, and “Toy Design Workshop”
-Owns Smoothware Design (software company that creates interactive art)

Sept. 2007: Solo bitform gallery in NYC
Jan. 2008: Sundance Film Festival- New Frontiers exhibition
June 2008: ArtFutura- Spain’s technology festival

Others: Israel Museum in Jerusalem, John Michael Kohler Art Center in Wisconsin, and bitforms gallery in New York and Seoul. He has participated in group exhibitions at the Taiwan National Museum of Fine Art; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León in Spain; Ars Electronica; Jamaica Center for the Arts in New York; Art Interactive in Cambridge; Lincoln Center; InterCommunication Center in Tokyo; The American Museum of the Moving Image; Itaú Cultural Institute in São Paulo, Markle Foundation in Rockefeller Center; SIGGRAPH; Media City Seoul 2000; New York University; Interaction’99 in Ogaki, Japan’; Zman Laomanut in Tel Aviv; and Threadwaxing Space in New York.

Awards and Publications:

-Prix Ars Electronica (1999)
-I.D. Design Review, silver prize (2000)
-Chrysler Design Award, New Media category (2001)
-Featured in The New York Times, Wired, ID, Spectrum, and Leonardo

My attraction:
-The viewers involvement with the creation of each piece in their interactions and perceptions
-Engages audiences on a multitude of levels
-Representation of individuals and their identity and self perception
-Multi-dimensional aspects of the art

How this artist informs my thinking:
-Realizing the endless opportunities for multimedia interaction
-Engaging the viewer in ways that they feel a part of the process and overall result


~Cassi Smiley