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Ch. 3 reflections

1. Artificial Intelligence: Prior to reading Digital Art my understanding of the capabilities and uses of Artificial Intelligence was that of computerized humans and not in the form of art. Artificial Intelligence can be used as a medium to create unique, engaging, and meaningful pieces of art that allow viewers not only to witness but also interact with these computer-generated forms. Not only can this be digital but also can use tangible objects to create this interaction between the viewer and the art form.

This can be seen through pieces such as Sommerer and Mignonneau, A-Volve, 1194 that allows participants to create a virtual world of sea creatures through touch and movement and Kenneth Rinaldo, Autopoeisis, 2000 that creates an environment with moving sculptures that react to the movement of viewers.

A.I demonstrates how machines think and how we make them think.

2. Telepresence, Telematics, and telerobotics: The ability to have interaction with two spaces without distance being an issue is remarkable. This truly re-establishes the boundary between space and time allowing for endless possibilities of interactions, manipulation, communication, and interpretations.

3. The Body and Identity: Through the use of technology and are we have been able to reinvent and reproduce ourselves in space, time, and context. Characters can be transformed instantly and simultaneously, into whatever whenever.

These three areas interest me in the idea that identity can be recreated through the manipulation of time, space, and medium. I feel that these topics meld together in creating self-representations through art and technology. It is interesting as he talks about technology beginning to blur the lines between humans and machines. Through this experimentation do we find ourselves more or lose ourselves in the integration of non-human forms when expressing our identity.

As I was acquainted with the multitude of examples of digital art pieces involving A.I., Gaming, Mapping, database aesthetics, telepresence, etc. I found them all to be very intriguing for I am very new to most if not yet all of these mediums, but the piece that kept drawing me back actually was one of the more simple but magnificent installations I found. This piece is Eduardo Kac’s Teleporting an Unknown State, 1994-6. This installation redefined the relationship between objects, power, space, place, and ability to interact with them. A single seed in a piece of earth placed in the dark was allowed to grow with the strength of online presence of viewers, using teleportation, to send light particles through a projector to allow photosynthesis to take place. This is an illustration of how machine can sustain life, not just digital life, and thus continues to blur the lines between man made and machine made objects and interactions.

-Cassi Smiley