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Readings Part 11 Digital Art - Chapter 3

Three favorite themes
1) Artificial life and intelligence: I enjoy the moral dilemma brought out by an AI creation taking on a life and opinions of their/its own. Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies
2) Telepresence and telerobotics: I think this is a great way to test out safety in dangerous environments: tornado, hurricane, areas with a potential explosive.
3) Mapping and data visualization: I enjoy traveling the world and seeing actual street level views.

Using artificial life and intelligence as a launching pad, Kenneth Feingold’s If/Then, 2001 is a “cinematic sculpture.”
Two identical plastic bald female heads in a cardboard box with shipping peanuts have a changing “conversation” with each other. They look like replacement parts either about to be sealed up for shipment of having just arrived at their destination.
Their conversations are generated “utilizing speech recognition, natural language processing, conversation/personality algorithms, and text-to-speech software.” The software gives each head a consistent verbal identity, which, through time/repetition develops into a personality…in a Wood Allen self-absorbed work sort of way.