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Drawing by Galanos, Katinka - NASH

It was the "three easy pieces" how she titled all the three diagrams that was displayed at the Nash Gallery.
The first piece of hers wasnt a diagram but had a couple of lines which philosophically meant the interaction between objects and human being. The second piece which resembles Katinkas drawing out of her culture. I am not sure as to what that simple object meant but it was aN ancient Chinese broom or a hair piece that ancient Chinese men used to have. But then again I wouldnt restrict it to her vision but mine tells me as to what inspired her to do this. Such a piece is vague and symbolizes strength from something. The third piece was a something that had the impression of a book - couple of lines with the handwritten words "artz 5721" looked like as if a letter was written to someone as it had these words" For Annette and the moment" in the center. I like Katinkas specifically the three pieces for how simple they were , even though there were others of hers in the gallery very similar and unclear.