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FInal Proposal

My idea is to have a physically ill friend, unclear why he fell ill. so its the process of how he finds himself back to the hospital is the whole idea of mine. For the background I would choose to shoot them all in the mayo clinic/medical center... I would start off with the coffman tunnel where he's is almost fainting. So I run to his help and on my way I crash into two guys.
While I smashed into them, their lab papers in their hands fall off. These men who saw me bang at them wanted to give a chase to me not really because I banged on to them but because their assignment parers which are due today look dirty on the floor. Not knowing that there were two men behind me I was still trying to look for my ill friend. But then I find him seated in one of the corners of the tunnel grasping for breath. So I stop and examine while the other two guys also stop a couple of feet behind me , this is where the climax is -- while I am worried of my friend and they are worried about getting their fist onto my face.

So then losing control of myself I look around to see if I can get some help. So these two men realizing the situation offer their help to carry my sick friend. While we are walking to Boynton where the emergency clinic is situated we get to know that the door to the back entrance is closed. So I hit the door hard with my left fist closed to express my anger as to why the back to the clinic was closed. So we try to look for any other alternative way to get to the quickest medium of help and we enter a strange route unknown to any of us. Its the route to the Mayo clinic/medical center. So the whole thing continues and we get totally lost in there. But then with the help of notices and building sketches on the wall we finally figure out the entrance and end up in Boynton. At Boynton the three musketeers sit all night together no known much by the other guys for no reason....
I cannot do this without the help of 3 people who can help play the characters that I am dreaming of. If someone would like to volunteer and it will be great (also if you are free on the weekends it will be really nice) ...The characters necessarily meant here by " I ", "chasing guys", etc can be any anybodies preferred one. Email for the link below .