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HRJ's reaction to Travis' MFA project

Subtle Physical Energy 2009
Travis’ final project took a huge risk, his art falls outside of the avant-garde into category of all its own. Perhaps, Travis’ work could be best described as: existential performance art. (Even though you are not physically present with the piece the imprinting of the energy lingers. The energy or intention is still performing. The end result is something that swelled up from the pages of science fiction or religious texts and into a gallery space.
This piece appeals to me because of my background being raised in two completely different paradigms of philosophy a traditional western linear thought and indigenous cyclic thinking. When I was engaged with the piece I found myself internally dueling with both facets of my belief system. Once my mind was silent, I was able to relax and engage with the piece.
Again, I want to state what Travis took a huge risk in developing and implementing his work. His work is well ahead of ahead of where people are in their development in the more metaphysical realm. I’d like to see how this piece would be received 5, 10, 15 + years down the road.
My next question to him is: what next? Where does his art grow and develop from here?