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Kalyn's final project idea

I'm planning on doing a take on a horror movie, because they're my favorite
genre to watch (I've probably seen over 100 in the past year alone).
However, partially due to the fact that the project is only 5 minutes, I
came up with the idea to do the entire thing in two parts: audio and video.
For the video part, it'll be completely made up of 2-3 second 'flashes'
illustrating snippets of a plot, without giving too much away. I'm also
planning on doing the majority of my shooting at night, but I still have to
figure out lighting and such for that. For the audio part, I was going to
arrange a score from some classical music scores that I have, but after
working with that for a while I didn't like the result, so I'm going to try
something similar to our art project, but use performed music in addition to 'natural'
sounds, which will then (hopefully) be augmented on Audacity.

All in all, I think it's ambitious but I think I can do it.