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MFA Reflection - Kalyn Williams

The piece that I felt most strongly about at the MFA show was "Making Things Matter." I'm not sure who the artist was because there was no name on the title sheet near the piece, however, they did a fantastic job. The piece was in the back of the gallery and set up like a hallway, with low lighting (literally...there were low-wattage lightbulbs hanging down from the ceiling that were about four feet from the ground on the sides of the installation). The walls were covered in scratches and pieces of the plaster/wallpaper were torn down.

It felt like I was walking through a horror movie...this is a good thing because I love horror movies. The damaged walls made it seem like something was trying to get out from behind them. If you have seen it, it looked like the movie "Silent Hill." There was a large section of wall where it looked like something could have escaped, which made me a little wary.

Overall, the entire installation was my favorite because of the quiet fear that it instilled in me. There was no sound component, so it allowed me to get even more into the piece mentally.

If I could ask three questions, they would be:

1. What was the material you used on the walls?
2. Why did you decide to have no sound component in the installation?
3. How fun was it to rip up the walls? :)

-Kalyn Williams