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Nash Exhibit - March 25th

Presence (2009)
by Yuichiro Tanabe

I was attracted this the piece initially because of the unique curvature of the lines, flowers, and small birds a part of it. I originally thought it was just a flat piece, and soon I realized how interactive it was. That is what made the piece my favorite of the gallery. Being able to adjust and change the level and intensity of the drawings and activity, entertained me as we participated in the piece. The red color also intensified the piece as red brings about many feelings, both of love and anger. My only problem with the piece was that it was limited to the top left corner of the laptop and we assumed that it had potential overtake the entire screen. It probably would have been overwhelming but still very entertaining.

Overall, I was very drawn to the piece in terms of its interactivity and composition. It might have been just its simplicity of entertainment after a long day, but watching and playing with this piece made me enjoy it more.

~Amanda Rasmussen