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Nash MFA Exhibition Reflection - Amanda Rasmussen

Sonja Peterson
The Underground Plot of the Royal Pomme Frites (2009)

~ Describe what attracts you to this artist's work. The initial attraction to Sonja’s piece was that she used paper as the medium rather than the holdings of the medium. I was next intrigued about the representation and depth of the image. It was a double-layered piece and this emphasized the piece as well as showed depth. But the last thing I had to deduce from my experience of this piece was – what it was. I did not see the whole piece at once, so I read the name and took a step back to truly see the piece and recognized it. Overall, I thought this piece truly was an “Underground Plot” of royal potatoes.

~ How would you describe the aesthetic language of this artist if you were talking with a friend who has not experienced the exhibition? This piece is an intricate portrayal of what I assume a potato field beyond the royal grounds. It was constructed primarily from a paper and a razor blade. The piece was layered to show dimension and depth, with the base layer being a baby blue and the image depicted on the white paper. The components of the piece included people of royalty near the grounds, people laboring in the fields, other symbols representing royal family, and the potatoes and its rooting system intertwined everything together,

~ If you could ask the artist three questions, what would you ask?
1. What is your inspiration behind using light blue as the base color? After reading the word ‘royal,’ I would have expected a deep blue or purple but then also thought that this color may have been too intense.
2. What is the single key message you want viewers to take away from your piece?
3. Where is your art career and talent taking you next?

~Amanda Rasmussen