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Sonic Chandelier

I was attracted to this work first by its appearance. I like the arrangement of the bamboo rods, and the weaving, nest like appearance it had. The feathers may have contributed to that sensation. The plastic zips that seem to be holding the work together, also provided a bright contrast to the natural elements the chandelier was made out of, and also signified that there was more to the sculpture than just the appearance. Those type of zips are often used to hold cords or electrical wire into organized bunches, and that alternate use indicates there may be something electric about the work. Discovering that it was a piece to be touched, or if not, that relied on movement to create its sonic effect was fun. The chandelier asks to be touched because of its low height, and long branches reaching into the path below. Once this discovery has been made the piece becomes something new, and the interaction that an individual or group can have with the piece is very nice. I liked this work over all because of the bridge it has between traditional and media arts. For me that is very interesting, and it has helped me develop a sense of media arts in their own right. However, the connection to more traditional art is something I really like. It is similar in kind to the idea of virtual and real worlds interweaving, and the Sonic Chandelier really held that idea strongly.