January 28, 2009



This syllabus is a guide. It will help to give you a sense of the pace of the course, with the due dates for each of the major, student–generated, course components. Essential readings, examples of experimental and media arts, and technical resources will be introduced weekly. My expectations for you are high. When possible, I will respond to student interests in an improvisational manner and shape the course accordingly. I will, periodically, add readings, technical tips and conceptual frameworks to cultivate the inquiry and creative work that I expect from all students.

The specifics of the related artistic, intellectual, and technical resources will be posted online. It will be your responsibility to check regularly to learn about upcoming events and available resources.

This introductory experience is designed to guide you as you:

* experiment with concepts and techniques to develop your artistic sensibility, ways of working and modes of expression
* develop an understanding of the history, language, aesthetics, and concepts of experimental and media arts
* become familiar with the dynamic relationship between technologies and experimental and media artists
* are introduced to the work of new media artists and their participation and influence in contemporary culture;
* develop an informed interest and critical appreciation for experimental and media art

ARTS 1601-004

Week 1~ Introductions and Course Overview
Project #1 Collaborative Portraits

Week 2 ~ Collaborative Portraits
Visit Nash Gallery exhibition NAGAS
Studio time for Collaborative Portraits to
experiment with the metaphors and techniques of
layers and filters as they relate to identity
Readings for next week

Week 3 ~ Sound Art
*Presentation of Project #1 Collaborative Portrait
and participation in our 1st critique of the semester.
Introduction to Sound Art / Project #2
Discussion of Readings

Week 4 ~ Sound Art
Studio time
Guest Artist
Discussion based on responses to readings posted on the blog

Week 5 ~ Spark Festival
6pm PART I : *Presentation of Project #2 Sound Art and
participation in our 2nd critique of the semester

7 pm In Class Spark Festival Participation

9:00 PART II : *Presentation of Project #2 Sound Art and
participation in our 2nd critique of the semester

special event this week: UK sound artist Ray Lee @ the Walker

Week 6 ~ Experimental Video
Reflections on Spark Festival
Introduction to Project # 3 Experimental Video
Write a review of 1 Spark event

Week 7 ~ Experimental Video
Project Proposal presentations for Project #3
Studio Time for Experimental Video

Week 8 ~ Experimental Video
visit to CLA-Studio E in Rarig
Discussion of "how to ..." videos
Studio Time for Experimental Video

~ 3/18 ~ Spring Break ~ no class ~

Week 9 ~ Experimental Video
Visit Nash Gallery exhibition - Experimental and Media Art
In-Process presentations for Project #3
Discuss Digital Art, pg 7 - 137

Week 10 ~*Presentation of Project #3 Experimental Video and
participation in our 3rd critique of the semester
Artist Presentation - Heather,
Introducing Project #4 Processing
Experimenting with interactive drawings

Week 11 ~ Processing
The programmable and the interactive
Independent Project proposal presentations and discussion
Artist Presentations

Week 12 ~ Processing
Independent Project sketches presented and group discussion
Discuss Digital Art pg 139 - 215
Artist Presentations
Week 13 ~ Presentation of Project #4 Processing and
participation in our 3rd critique of the semester
7pm Artist Presentation - InFlux
Artist Presentations

Week 14 ~ Independent Project studio time
7pm Weisman Art Museum event
Week 15 ~ *Independent Project Presentations

Week 16 ~ *Independent Project Presentations