April 9, 2009

Independent Project proposal

Post your independent project proposal as you are imagining it at this time.

Describe the content / concept / media that you would like to explore.

April 12, 2009

HRJ's Final Project

One myth moving to the next like a serial pulp fiction (? Working title)

Found materials: old pulp books, tarot cards, paint, cardboard, clay, charcoal & newsprint, fishing wire, black foam board

DV cam, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Sound

Creating sort of abstract myth in a highly stylized noir film style. In the set up of various scenes there will be: construction of sets, lots of lighting.

May 7, 2009

Kalyn's Project

May 12, 2009

Elements- Final Project by Cassi Smiley


May 13, 2009

Tom Woodling, Make Up Work

Here are some Photoshop/Illustrator pieces I made to make up for missed classes. The concept for this project was to incorporate three photos I had taken recently into a three panel series of abstract/non-representational, drawing like pieces. This is what I made.

-Tom W.

Download file

Download file

Download file

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Foto Retouching

Camille.jpg Before
CamilleDrawing.jpg After

This Space of Emplacement

Media Mill Video

ephemerals by anita wallace

Media Mill Video

May 14, 2009

Final Project

Soundtrack file - Kalyn Independent Project

Just in case you wanted to hear it

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Ed - Final Project

Download file

Pao's Final Video(NIGHT TIME)

Good Friends Morale -- Kausi

HRJ's Final Project

Download file

May 15, 2009

When the Sun Rises by Kacee

Media Mill Video


Kacee's Extra Credit called "Dinky Towners"

Media Mill Video