April 8, 2009

Independent Project Proposal

Describe your independent project as you imagine it at this time:

Your project proposal includes:

~ your concept
~ your media of choice
~ a visual or narrative description of your project
~ questions that you have in mind as you begin
~ what will be most helpful to you as you proceed

April 9, 2009

Tom Woodling: Project Concept/Proposal

The medium for my final project will be video while incorporating elements of audio processing. The subject for my video will be on the house that I recently moved into. I want to sort of document how people are affected by others within a house and how one goes about creating a comfortable environment. I'd also like to include audio from interviews of people who have lived and worked on creating a home.

Ed Independent

stop-motion flash animation.



April 12, 2009

HRJ's Final Project

One myth moving to the next like a serial pulp fiction (? Working title)

Found materials: old pulp books, tarot cards, paint, cardboard, clay, charcoal & newsprint, fishing wire, black foam board

DV cam, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Sound

Creating sort of abstract myth in a highly stylized noir film style. In the set up of various scenes there will be: construction of sets, lots of lighting.

Cassi's independent project proposal

"This little light of mine"

My idea for my independent project is a video piece that shows the different sources of light in the world. It will be a artistic representation of "light" and what it brings to the world.

The audio will be a compilation of songs and other audio content.

April 14, 2009

Kalyn's final project idea

I'm planning on doing a take on a horror movie, because they're my favorite
genre to watch (I've probably seen over 100 in the past year alone).
However, partially due to the fact that the project is only 5 minutes, I
came up with the idea to do the entire thing in two parts: audio and video.
For the video part, it'll be completely made up of 2-3 second 'flashes'
illustrating snippets of a plot, without giving too much away. I'm also
planning on doing the majority of my shooting at night, but I still have to
figure out lighting and such for that. For the audio part, I was going to
arrange a score from some classical music scores that I have, but after
working with that for a while I didn't like the result, so I'm going to try
something similar to our art project, but use performed music in addition to 'natural'
sounds, which will then (hopefully) be augmented on Audacity.

All in all, I think it's ambitious but I think I can do it.

April 15, 2009

Independent Project

I plan to make a dramatic video about multiple worlds occurring simultaneously. I may use black and white footage combined with color, and cartoons mixed with documentary to represent the separate worlds.

Final Project Proposal - Amanda Rasmussen

"In my Shoes"

The idea I have for my independent project is a video project. It will be a representation of how shoes provide me the ability to complete certain tasks or succeed in certain ways. Similar to how people "change their hats" to take upon different tasks.

~Amanda Rasmussen

Final Project Plan

My final project is going to be another video. I plan to put some of the effects that I was able to discover in FCP to a more deliberate use. The movie I am working on is more narrative in form than my previous one, though it may be no more intelligible than the other one. It may or may not have dialogue, and I plan to use audacity to create a lot of the sound.

April 16, 2009

Independent Project

For my independent project, I am presenting a lyrical video on Child Abuse. This project will not have dialogue-- only music and images. I will be using Final Cut Pro and Audacity to develop my work. I hope to leave viewers with a hopeful finale.

wild poppies: autobiographical biopsies Anita Wallace

The working title of my independent project is "wild poppies: autobiographical biopsies." The project will explore the themes of body and identity as I search through past photos of myself to find myself as an artist and filmmaker. I will include appropriated footage. Multiple layers of visual and audio material will explore aesthetics, memoir, and poetry on multiple temporal-spatial planes with layered sound tracks that will include some sort of music or harmonic sound, personal narration, tidbits of poetry, and a piece that over time I write and rewrite in stream of consciousness and automatic format. I call this "warm-up" piece doing my ABCs, an elementary exercise that I use to get started when I am stuck on writing or working on a project. The piece will continue exploring personal narrative in a lyrical poetry format. Since I have spring fever it will most likely feature some element of spring and rebirth as a sub-topic with images of nature, birds, flowers, woods, fields, and water--perhaps rain. I will also explore the medium as I sort out my personal journey.

Video using still photos, appropriated, and new footage, edited in Final Cut Pro. The audio will be personal narrative, appropriated sound, my own and other found writings. Poppies are symbolic of remembrance and death. They are the source of opium and heroin, but are visually captivating to observe as a form. They are emblematic of hypnotism, of sleep, and of the subconscious. These are other ideas I hope to successfully explore in this piece.

April 18, 2009

Pao's project idea

I am thinking of doing a video of the night time. I going to try to record clips from different places and show how night time looks like.

April 20, 2009

FInal Proposal

My idea is to have a physically ill friend, unclear why he fell ill. so its the process of how he finds himself back to the hospital is the whole idea of mine. For the background I would choose to shoot them all in the mayo clinic/medical center... I would start off with the coffman tunnel where he's is almost fainting. So I run to his help and on my way I crash into two guys.
While I smashed into them, their lab papers in their hands fall off. These men who saw me bang at them wanted to give a chase to me not really because I banged on to them but because their assignment parers which are due today look dirty on the floor. Not knowing that there were two men behind me I was still trying to look for my ill friend. But then I find him seated in one of the corners of the tunnel grasping for breath. So I stop and examine while the other two guys also stop a couple of feet behind me , this is where the climax is -- while I am worried of my friend and they are worried about getting their fist onto my face.

So then losing control of myself I look around to see if I can get some help. So these two men realizing the situation offer their help to carry my sick friend. While we are walking to Boynton where the emergency clinic is situated we get to know that the door to the back entrance is closed. So I hit the door hard with my left fist closed to express my anger as to why the back to the clinic was closed. So we try to look for any other alternative way to get to the quickest medium of help and we enter a strange route unknown to any of us. Its the route to the Mayo clinic/medical center. So the whole thing continues and we get totally lost in there. But then with the help of notices and building sketches on the wall we finally figure out the entrance and end up in Boynton. At Boynton the three musketeers sit all night together no known much by the other guys for no reason....
I cannot do this without the help of 3 people who can help play the characters that I am dreaming of. If someone would like to volunteer and it will be great (also if you are free on the weekends it will be really nice) ...The characters necessarily meant here by " I ", "chasing guys", etc can be any anybodies preferred one. Email for the link below .

Independent project idea

As for now, I'm thinking about maybe making a music video. I haven't done this before but I think its worth a try. If whatever I film doesn't work for a music video, I might to collaborate videos and explore the tools of editing and see what I can do.
That's just an idea for now.

April 23, 2009

Independent Project Proposal - Jon, Dave, Ed collaboration.

We're planning to create a machinima. For those who don't know, machinima = machine + cinema. It involves capturing footage from a program (usually a videogame) that has already been rendered, and then editing clips into a movie-like sequence.

We haven't created a script yet, but we will likely be using Left 4 Dead as our source, and we will most likely be using the video recording software Fraps to obtain material.

-- David
+Jon and Ed

May 12, 2009

ephemerals by anita wallace

One of my early ideas (which I posted as a proposal) was an autobiographical montage based on the title "wild poppies." I changed my mind on this and my final project, like a plot of daisies, relocated to a different piece of ground.

The new title of my final independent project is "ephemerals." This project uses appropriated home movies and amateur videos in the public domain to create an experimental montage that traces the idea of ephemerals both literally and metaphorically. The ephemeral nature of human experience, decay, and decomposition as part of the process of growth, blossoming, and dying are explored through an attempt to understand personal and universal continuities and change through the concept of metamorphosis. The main track is a home movie that was found in a basement which is called "decomposed carnival" interrupted with other footage of caterpillars, and family vacations. This video project is also "about" my personal journey to learn more technically about Final Cut Pro by using and experimenting with different effects. The images are layered to simulate the psychological journey through space and time. The sound track is kept minimal, somewhat meditative and repetitive. It is two tracks layered and combined from public domain footage of a thumb piano and alpine cow-bells.

I am also somewhat dubious and skeptical about the use of appropriated footage. Not so much in others' work as my own. I respect the ingenuity and ideas of ready-made and yet there is something about them that causes me worry and doubt. I wish to examine this closer.