February 17, 2009


Select one art work in the NAGAS exhibition.

Describe what attracts to this work.

Post three questions that you would like to ask the artist.

April 8, 2009

Cassi's review of the Sonic Chanelier

The piece that I was drawn to the most was Sonic Chandelier. This piece intrigued me because of it unique structure and subtle interaction capabilities. The piece was something that I had never scene before. As I inspected it I noticed that it was interactive. I was unaware of this at first but as others were interacting with this piece it became noticeable that it was a piece of discovery. As I interacted with it became in a way alive. This was so important to the impact of the piece because of its natural quality in that it looked like a birds nest or some sort of object of nature and with the movement of it by the viewers it created a sonic experience that created another depth to the piece. There were so many facets to this piece of art that I felt as if the discoveries of new aspects of the piece were endless. Coincidently this piece I found out was done by Dianne, which made it so unique in that I was able to also interact with the artist at the time of my interaction with the piece and could get her perspective of its creation.

Thank you Dianne for that experience

-Cassi Smiley