April 1, 2009

Spark Festival: Review of Babylon Plant, Jakub Nepras

Reviewed by Anita Wallace

The work that was most inspiring to me in the Spark Festival was the work of Jakub Nepras from Prague. His work "Babylon Plant" was quite distinct from anything I had ever seen before. Projected onto plexi-glass which he scratches and etches to enhance the qualities of light and dark, he explores the concept of microcosm and macrocosm in a new and unique way. He describes his work as video painting in high resolution. I was amazed by the exquisitive execution of the concept and all the minute detail-- the overlapping of the biological and botanical organisms with the river stream and the practice of everyday life in an urban setting of the network of human traffic and highways. Metaphorically it may be read on multiple levels of understanding human complexities of relationships in contemporary and futuristic society. The social and political commentary of this piece on human systems, ecology, and environmental survival is quite profound.

“It’s about finding the interrelations between micro and macro structures in all our existence. I organized contemporary human activities to the microscopic formations and natural bacterial vital systems. It’s view of actual stadium technologic civilization as a new organism. The film human movements in global society look like vibrate sustenance to tissues and their grow. "Cultures in Babylon in czech- (Kultury v Babylonu)" Cultures in Babylon (digital sculpture - instalation) Final picture is consist of a three interconnected and synchronized projections in high resolution (2048x1024pix.)”
--Jakub Nepras

May 14, 2009

Spark Fest

Can I just say that David Morneau's work is mind blowing. The way he uses video and photoshop to create a beautiful network of a moving picture is breathe taking. He is a head of his time....