May 22, 2008

Culturing Technology

This semester I worked on a piece for the Quarter Gallery exhibit “Culturing Technology.�

Like most designers, I started out with grand ideas for an AHH - Inspiring masterpiece. Then reality sets in and time constraints begin to weigh heavily on the out come of the design.

Artist Statement

My vision for this piece is to convey individual complexity and how those complexities interferer with those closest to us. I added an additional layer that represents the outside influences that can help and hider these interactions. The dial represents the outside forces that:
1. Cause conflict
2. Pushes us into each other
3. Redirects our path

Materials and Technology
I chose to use 5 small canvases and a timer dial that would create the interaction between the art and audience. The canvases are painted with acrylic using a combination of gradation and texture to represent an individual/family quality.

A BasicStamp microcontroller and potentiometers are used to created motion when the dial is turned. The example below shows a breadboard example of the wire configuration. An LED is used for testing and will be replaced by the potentiometers.

Download file

Code and connection were modified to accommodate additional potentiometers.

I the basic concept for the project was pretty sound. The way in which I artistically convey the idea needs further consideration. The project needs more audience consideration in order to produce conversations about how individuals maneuver and get along with others.

May 16, 2008

Emergent identity: process vs. product

"This semester, I would like to continue refining the work I have previous done on the piece titled, Emergent Identity . . . "

As stated back in January, this semester I set out to continue work on my Emergent Identity piece that I developed last semester (Fall 2007). Allowing myself to be adaptable, I eventually felt that the Greenway iteration of this piece was just not right. However, I kept the original concept in mind all semester and ended up developing three more pieces– 08AMA art prints, an i + TiBET cultural networking site, and Being Brdwy '08 neighborhood identity campaign – that somehow were related to this concept of emergent identity.

In reality, I ended up developing the concept of emergent identity, the backbone of the original piece, much more so than the piece itself. I found value in the concepts of emergence and feel that delving into that realm a bit more will in fact accomplish what I had set out to do, which was to "show the adaptability of the underlying theory and concept behind Emergent Identity and relate its ability to work within [other contexts]."


It turns out that the concept of my original piece was the beginning of my thesis concept which may develop into a proposed model or framework for design. I am attempting to develop a process and methodology by looking at the four projects I've already completed and mapping their properties, qualities, etc. Eventually, the idea would be to use those findings to venture forth into a new design problem, to see whether the results are varied/similar, effective/ineffective. As is, its still in its infant stages, but I think there are seeds of some really good ideas that could grow into some amazing work (if I do say so myself). I will continue to document this work on my personal blog,, so stay tuned!

May 15, 2008


The distraction project to which I previously referred I call FinnegansWork. It is based on a confluence of thoughts surrounding the notion of the Database Aesthetic as applied to literature.

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The Wind

(aka my Bluetooth project)

The Wind, as I have stated before, creates a complex interaction between its viewers and a field of devices which simulates grass blowing in the wind.

On a technical level, there are three components, if you will, to the installation:

1. the field itself
2. the bluetooth detection, collecting bluetooth wireless data
3. triangulation and "comments" sent to the field

I am happy about the prior achievements made in area #1, and am working to further the other areas, with a focus on #2 this semester, with some complications along the way.

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"a lot going on" (this semester)

If you type that phrase into google (today) you will get over 23M results, a measure of great clichéness! Indeed I have a lot going on.

I will blog on the project of my original intention, The Wind (aka Bluetooth), but also on the project of my current distraction, which I will refer, here, in abbreviated form as FW. The Wind has not come as far along as I'd like this semester, though I've made some good progress, and I do not intend to give up. A fork in my road.

May 7, 2008

"Play" Documentation Pt. 4 – Second Performance Review

A text and video review of the second performance of "Play". It covers the interesting interactions I saw that afternoon, as well as draws parallels between the two performances.

Full entry below the fold:

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May 6, 2008

"Play" Documentation Pt. 3 – First Performance Review

A text-only review of the first 'performance' of "Play". It documents the two extremes of the interactions I saw that night, as well as some general comments by viewers and notes about the show.

Full post below the fold.

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April 29, 2008

"Play" Documentation Pt. 2 - Construction

This post is a detailed account of the design, construction, programming, testing and presentation of my piece, "Play".

It's long, packed with pictures and video, and serves as the body of my documentation for the piece. It covers changes made from the prototype, improvements, hardware, software, signal pathing, programming and presentation. It's a long read, but worthwhile if you want to know how it all works. Included are links to download the patch and associated files.

Full post below the fold:

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"Play" Documentation Pt. 1 - Readings

A overview of the primary 'textbook' I used to assist me with my learning this past semester; "Composing Interactive Music - Techniques and Ideas Using Max'.

Briefly: it's a little old and the information is very dated. Was missing discussion of important Max/MSP capabilities that would have been helpful for my project. The book wasn't completely unhelpful, just not as helpful as I would've liked.

Full write-up below the fold:

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April 18, 2008

Updates are in progress!

Synthesizing my emergent identity thoughts as they have invaded much of my work this semester. The updates will continue through the early morning (no longer night) and into the weekend. Stay tuned . . .

March 8, 2008

local resources

This link "where to buy stuff" lists local resources for electronics, hardware, etc.

February 10, 2008

emergent identity brainstorms

In order to best document my process and keep a record for myself, I'll be blogging here: I figure I can just add a post on this blog to let y'all know if I've updated recently.

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February 8, 2008


Jotting down some thoughts on my plans for this semester.

My original vision was a piece which I began to call The Wind, which can be summarized like this: waves of grass as if blowing in the wind, in reaction to the presence of a Bluetooth wireless signal. This of course is the project I started to implement last semester.

So it is in this larger context (creating more of these pieces of technologies to make this vision happen) that I want to embark on a project which will focus on Bluetooth Triangulation. But this is only the sensing piece of what would be a larger work, so I will be thinking also about how to employ this bit of technology into something a little bit more fun, yet simple - since my focus would be to figure out how to further along this type of technology. I have a handful of (research) papers about Bluetooth regarding signal strength, triangulation, etc., which I hope to post somewhere, here perhaps, but I need to ask if there are any legal ramifications of doing so. Diane?

Any collaboration would be most welcome.

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January 30, 2008

February is "Do a Creative Thing A Day, Month"