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Jotting down some thoughts on my plans for this semester.

My original vision was a piece which I began to call The Wind, which can be summarized like this: waves of grass as if blowing in the wind, in reaction to the presence of a Bluetooth wireless signal. This of course is the project I started to implement last semester.

So it is in this larger context (creating more of these pieces of technologies to make this vision happen) that I want to embark on a project which will focus on Bluetooth Triangulation. But this is only the sensing piece of what would be a larger work, so I will be thinking also about how to employ this bit of technology into something a little bit more fun, yet simple - since my focus would be to figure out how to further along this type of technology. I have a handful of (research) papers about Bluetooth regarding signal strength, triangulation, etc., which I hope to post somewhere, here perhaps, but I need to ask if there are any legal ramifications of doing so. Diane?

Any collaboration would be most welcome.


I have also researched several Bluetooth devices, the WT11 included (the device on the Arduino BT) and not all Bluetooth devices make it easy to get at the signal strength (ie, the RSSI command). The WT11 does, however I find working with the Arduino BT's WT11 very difficult because the bluetooth signal doubles at the sole serial line in and out of the board - so it's got to keep on running in order to reprogram the board. Meaning, if you're tweaking the Bluetooth device, you're changing your (only) means of communications with the board. I have read on forums and such about others' opinion on this design, the extreme position taken states this is a design flaw in the Arduino BT, and I tend to agree. If there were an alternate serial way in/out of this board, keeping the Bluetooth part of it for experimentation, then that would be perfect. However, this does not seem possible to do.

There is something called the two-wire interface which looks like a possible way in/out of the board like a serial line, however, it does not appear you can reprogram the board with this method--at least not without some significant changes in its bootloader software. Since I'm trying to focus on the problem of triangulation, I am reluctant to attempt anything like this (yet).

Ideally, I think, I would like to find an RSSI-capable Bluetooth device, such as the WT11 which I could connect to whatever board/computer I might need to accomplish this semester's goal. This could be an Arduino NG/Diecimilla or something else. I am still researching this, but I will need to obtain some solid equipment soon if I'm to make any progress on these plans this semester.


I've read there is also a usb port on the WT11 device. Maybe this is a way to communicate with it and get your RSSI-value.



It seemed to me that part of the problem with the WT11-Arduino combination was that the WT11 was *the* conduit between the rest of the Arduino and the outside world, ie, it functioned as a wireless USB port into the Arduino. While this can be cool and simplifies some things, it was problematic for me since I wanted direct connection with Arduino (in some fashion) and then have the s/w running on the Arduino communicate with the WT11, not have the WT11 "in the middle." And this was where I left it. Thanks!