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Culturing Technology

This semester I worked on a piece for the Quarter Gallery exhibit ‚ÄúCulturing Technology.‚Ä?

Like most designers, I started out with grand ideas for an AHH - Inspiring masterpiece. Then reality sets in and time constraints begin to weigh heavily on the out come of the design.

Artist Statement

My vision for this piece is to convey individual complexity and how those complexities interferer with those closest to us. I added an additional layer that represents the outside influences that can help and hider these interactions. The dial represents the outside forces that:
1. Cause conflict
2. Pushes us into each other
3. Redirects our path

Materials and Technology
I chose to use 5 small canvases and a timer dial that would create the interaction between the art and audience. The canvases are painted with acrylic using a combination of gradation and texture to represent an individual/family quality.

A BasicStamp microcontroller and potentiometers are used to created motion when the dial is turned. The example below shows a breadboard example of the wire configuration. An LED is used for testing and will be replaced by the potentiometers.

Download file

Code and connection were modified to accommodate additional potentiometers.

I the basic concept for the project was pretty sound. The way in which I artistically convey the idea needs further consideration. The project needs more audience consideration in order to produce conversations about how individuals maneuver and get along with others.