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Emergent identity: process vs. product

"This semester, I would like to continue refining the work I have previous done on the piece titled, Emergent Identity . . . "

As stated back in January, this semester I set out to continue work on my Emergent Identity piece that I developed last semester (Fall 2007). Allowing myself to be adaptable, I eventually felt that the Greenway iteration of this piece was just not right. However, I kept the original concept in mind all semester and ended up developing three more pieces– 08AMA art prints, an i + TiBET cultural networking site, and Being Brdwy '08 neighborhood identity campaign – that somehow were related to this concept of emergent identity.

In reality, I ended up developing the concept of emergent identity, the backbone of the original piece, much more so than the piece itself. I found value in the concepts of emergence and feel that delving into that realm a bit more will in fact accomplish what I had set out to do, which was to "show the adaptability of the underlying theory and concept behind Emergent Identity and relate its ability to work within [other contexts]."


It turns out that the concept of my original piece was the beginning of my thesis concept which may develop into a proposed model or framework for design. I am attempting to develop a process and methodology by looking at the four projects I've already completed and mapping their properties, qualities, etc. Eventually, the idea would be to use those findings to venture forth into a new design problem, to see whether the results are varied/similar, effective/ineffective. As is, its still in its infant stages, but I think there are seeds of some really good ideas that could grow into some amazing work (if I do say so myself). I will continue to document this work on my personal blog, http://emergentidentity.blogspot.com, so stay tuned!