May 15, 2008

The Wind

(aka my Bluetooth project)

The Wind, as I have stated before, creates a complex interaction between its viewers and a field of devices which simulates grass blowing in the wind.

On a technical level, there are three components, if you will, to the installation:

1. the field itself
2. the bluetooth detection, collecting bluetooth wireless data
3. triangulation and "comments" sent to the field

I am happy about the prior achievements made in area #1, and am working to further the other areas, with a focus on #2 this semester, with some complications along the way.

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May 7, 2008

"Play" Documentation Pt. 4 – Second Performance Review

A text and video review of the second performance of "Play". It covers the interesting interactions I saw that afternoon, as well as draws parallels between the two performances.

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May 6, 2008

"Play" Documentation Pt. 3 – First Performance Review

A text-only review of the first 'performance' of "Play". It documents the two extremes of the interactions I saw that night, as well as some general comments by viewers and notes about the show.

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April 29, 2008

"Play" Documentation Pt. 2 - Construction

This post is a detailed account of the design, construction, programming, testing and presentation of my piece, "Play".

It's long, packed with pictures and video, and serves as the body of my documentation for the piece. It covers changes made from the prototype, improvements, hardware, software, signal pathing, programming and presentation. It's a long read, but worthwhile if you want to know how it all works. Included are links to download the patch and associated files.

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"Play" Documentation Pt. 1 - Readings

A overview of the primary 'textbook' I used to assist me with my learning this past semester; "Composing Interactive Music - Techniques and Ideas Using Max'.

Briefly: it's a little old and the information is very dated. Was missing discussion of important Max/MSP capabilities that would have been helpful for my project. The book wasn't completely unhelpful, just not as helpful as I would've liked.

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