May 15, 2008


The distraction project to which I previously referred I call FinnegansWork. It is based on a confluence of thoughts surrounding the notion of the Database Aesthetic as applied to literature.

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The Wind

(aka my Bluetooth project)

The Wind, as I have stated before, creates a complex interaction between its viewers and a field of devices which simulates grass blowing in the wind.

On a technical level, there are three components, if you will, to the installation:

1. the field itself
2. the bluetooth detection, collecting bluetooth wireless data
3. triangulation and "comments" sent to the field

I am happy about the prior achievements made in area #1, and am working to further the other areas, with a focus on #2 this semester, with some complications along the way.

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February 10, 2008

emergent identity brainstorms

In order to best document my process and keep a record for myself, I'll be blogging here: I figure I can just add a post on this blog to let y'all know if I've updated recently.

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February 8, 2008


Jotting down some thoughts on my plans for this semester.

My original vision was a piece which I began to call The Wind, which can be summarized like this: waves of grass as if blowing in the wind, in reaction to the presence of a Bluetooth wireless signal. This of course is the project I started to implement last semester.

So it is in this larger context (creating more of these pieces of technologies to make this vision happen) that I want to embark on a project which will focus on Bluetooth Triangulation. But this is only the sensing piece of what would be a larger work, so I will be thinking also about how to employ this bit of technology into something a little bit more fun, yet simple - since my focus would be to figure out how to further along this type of technology. I have a handful of (research) papers about Bluetooth regarding signal strength, triangulation, etc., which I hope to post somewhere, here perhaps, but I need to ask if there are any legal ramifications of doing so. Diane?

Any collaboration would be most welcome.

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