Family Tree

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In the end, I hung my handkerchiefs in a tree on my corner. As I was putting them up, a passerby asked what the project was. I explained that I made handkerchiefs for people I knew who had passed away with the deceased persons initials on them. As most of them were family members, the person offered the idea that it was somewhat of a family tree.

There were certain aspects of this project that I was very comfortable with. I enjoyed working with the materials and sewing, however, I was very uncomfortable bring the pieces out in the public and having people see me put it up. Putting so much time and investing energy in something made it really nerve-racking to see how the public would react. However, it was very rewarding. People generally seemed curious and interested. People were asking how long they would be up; others' were asking why.

I also wanted to mention that the making of the actual handkerchiefs was an important experience. It gave me time to think about these people. I thought about what the person would have liked their handkerchief to look like. The handkerchiefs developed a bit of personality especially when they were hanging in the tree.

I am excited to see what kind of life they will have in the public.

Thank you!

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Independent Project (Elisa)

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Marina Ambromovic has said that in her work she does things simply because they scare her. With a similar motivation, I have installed an inflatable plastic form in a public space on campus. For my independent project I proposed to actualize this inflatable project, as an exercise in doing something in public that makes me feel exposed and uncomfortable.
I gained quite a bit of knowledge from this experiment. I spent several days in the estudio with an iron and lots of plastic, trying to create an airtight inflatable. Due to lack of skill, and unyielding plastic as well as an insufficient bonding method, after many hours, I had still not accomplished my task. I had, however, created some colors and forms out of plastic that I actually liked. So, I finally ventured outside to see what I could do with those forms. I did not believe that there was any way for them to inflate, but once I had arrived with my plastic to an air-producing vent I have been eying all semester, possibilities began to emerge. Engaging with the actual mix of air, plastic and space, I found that it was actually possible to inflate the plastic, and that it didn't need to be airtight. Now that I have this information, I'm excited to try other forms in the future.
I also spent some time in letting the plastic interact with the wind. Photo documentation is included of that as well.



Final Corner

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My final Corner Installation included an experiment with paper, inspired by Michael Sommers.

An Artist of Influence (Elisa)

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Three artists are in my mind as I work on the corner project. Tomory Dodge's painting simulates two consecutive (mirrored) frames of a moving picture. The shapes appear to be falling in an ambiguous space.

Tim Hyde constructs surreal spaces by cutting apart and putting back together photographs of materials and planes in space.

Andy Goldsworthy uses found phenomena in a given locale to intervene in the landscape to alter its formal aesthetic.


Tim Hyde.jpg


Ephemeral Transformation Reflection (Elisa)

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Using the expansive space in the Regis Lobby to experiment with large installations has provided a lot of information that has proven already to inform my studio practice in helpful ways. Exploding with material in that space, first on my own and now with the Ephemeral Transformation Project has helped me better understand the materiality of fabric, the role of different colors in relation to one another, and the relationship between material, color, space and architecture.

Our group enjoyed discussing various ideas, brainstorming and researching possible sources of inspiration. The material that became available for our project ultimately determined the actual manifestation of our project. This is very interesting. Form determines content. Material comes prior to the meaning that is then produced through the manipulation of material. The material will necessarily inform that meaning.

The piece eventually became a party that was over before it started, representing its own failure to become or achieve anything. The idea that the event of which this party is a result never actually occurred makes the actual event of the art itself a trace of an immemorial past. Nothing every happened, and now all we have is the record of the non-event.

Concept Project Proposal (Elisa)

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I intend to continue working on some of the things I began in this class. On the one hand, am interested in bringing some of the elements of my outdoor installations back indoors. The plastic and the colored paper will become formal elements in installations that for me reside somewhere between painting and sculpture. I will keep producing similar forms, and in the spirit of biomimetics I plan to research different biological forms of organic growth to use as the maps for the construction of my own formal compositions.

On the other hand, I will continue my interest in the disruption of landscapes by way of planes of color and form. These disrupted landscapes will continue to end up as photographs. I am interested in the way that a shape can create a flat plane that abstracts the landscape, making one plane intersect with another.


Nicola- Picnic!!

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I have been inspired by this class to host a picnic in this "park" called svea triangle. The park really is not very usable, but it can be seen by many cars. The action will both be fun for the people who attend the picnic and also will be a spectacle for the people watching from their cars. I am imagining that everyone will be dressed very colorful or will be dressed in one single color.

The weather hasn't really been cooperating to host this yet, but there is plenty of summer ahead!


Massimo Vitali Pic Nic Alle 2000.JPG

!!!Collective Community Celebration in the Clouds!!!

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this was in the 1960s.....

what could happen in the 2060's?!?!?!



!!!Collective Community Celebration in the Clouds!!!

///!World Social+Musical+Dance Interactive Festival!///

You and everyone on the planet are invited!

when: August 15 to August 18, 2069!

where: the sky!

what: a three-day coming together of all humans!

During the festival, each person will uniquely contribute to the experience! Each person's unique mind and unique body will contribute to the light and sound of the collective world community composition! The clouds and wind will transmit both the generated sound and light!

In order to encourage diversity and adventure, participants will be empowered with the ability to teleport to any location in the sky throughout the festival! Although people will be unable to talk during the festival, all will be able to express themselves with their thoughts and their bodies!

This festival will inspire creativity, equality, peace, communication, and play in this contemporary age! The collectively created light and sound will heal and transform all!

Inspired by Luke Fischbeck

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Luke Fischbeck:


2003-2005 Brown University MA Music (program in Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments)

1996-2000 Harvard University BA, Visual and Environmental Studies

Lucky Dragons:

Make a baby

Sumi Ink Club

Elysian Park Museum of Art

A Ray Array

-electronic music theory

Final Project continuation

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Viking Bar as Catalyst and Cultural Institution

My research is concerned with the reanimation or symbolic revivification of the Viking Bar, a bluesy dive bar that closed in 2006. This is a long-term project that will manifest as several on-site actions, a poster campaign, a website with a streaming radio station and a musical performance involving musicians that formally performed inside the bar. These activities will take place over the course of the summer and fall of 2011 while conducting in depth research. Topics of research will include personal history of owners, the development of the site and construction, and the cultural history of the neighborhood, particularly it's history during transition from occupation by working class immigrants to immigrant refugees. The form I am focusing on completing at the moment is to create Viking Radio.

I am in contact with several persons that have personal experience from visiting the bar as well as those who have a vested interest in the history of the neighborhood and its current manifestation. I am arranging to record interviews with these folks to gather content for a series of audio works that will be accessible through the online streaming radio station, Viking Radio. These will also be included in an archive that I will create but also open up to allow others familiar with the project to contribute to, a kind of People's Archive.


Viking Radio is the creation of a concept radio station that uses the performances and recordings from those musicians that used to perform there to populate several iterations. Many of these performances can be gleaned from YouTube videos taken prior to the time the bar closed it's doors. These iterations will be broadcasts that proceed from intimate to very public. Iteration one is to create a playlist of songs that can be downloaded by anyone to a mobile digital music player that will be listened to on headphones while standing just outside the door and imagining the time when the music blared into the street from those same doors. This is intended as an intimate reimagining and re-experiencing of a past moment in time.
The second iteration, already realized, is a shop dolly mounted with stereo equipment that broadcasts from outside the doors of the Viking to everyone within earshot of the sound, blasting from the powered speakers. This is a lo-fi, hyper-local radio of sorts. The third iteration will be to mount this same equipment onto a tricycle in order broadcast this same collection of music while biking in ever increasing concentric circles around the streets adjacent to the bar.
The final iteration will consist of a low-power radio transmitter that hijacks a popular local FM band and broadcasts the music into the passing cars in the intersection in front of the Viking. This transgressive action forces the accidental listeners into an active role, changing them from passive onlookers of the degrading fa├žade of the bar and transporting them back in time and into the role of a mobile audience.
Viking Radio will be accompanied by a poster campaign that co-opts the logotype of the Viking Bar signage to be turned into posters that announce the presence of Viking Radio. I will also create posters that mimic the standard music show announcement posters but are entirely blank, save for the Viking Bar sign logo as the header. These posters will be posted in conspicuous locations in the surrounding neighborhood. This is a material way to engage the neighborhood public's memories of, or recognition of, the Viking Bar's history or present as a vacant sign of potential.


Willie Murphy tracks
08 Nappy Head Blues.mp3
11 People Get Ready.mp3

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