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ephemeral transformations

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As we begin to explore our response to the experience of being in Regis Center for Art, the atrium space of the East building has attracted the attention of the group as a site for ephemeral transformations.

Post your ephemeral transformation/s concept/s using any media forms that most effectively convey your idea and the sensibility that is important to you. Refer to the reading from Eyes of the Skin to reflect upon the sensory experiences engaged in the ephemeral transformation that you propose.


Eyes of the Skin

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Juhani Pallasmaa explores the role of the human body and the senses in our experience of architecture in his book The Eyes of the Skin: Architecture of the Senses.

As you develop your proposal for an ephemeral transformation, reflect upon your sensory experience of Regis, imagine how the transformation that you propose may transform your sensory experience.

We will discuss Part 2, Pages 38 to 72


inflatable art

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Shock of the Pneu, a chapter excerpted from Blowup: Inflatable art, Architecture and Design discusses the work of artists such as Pablo Reinoso, Yayoi Kusama, Andy Warhol, Sylvie Fleury, Hans Haacke, Sabine Lang and Daniel Baumann.

We will discuss the relationship between concept, material and technology that these artists explored and how these dynamics are at play in our own proposals for Regis.



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Using the large steel beams that run east/west in the ceiling of Regis East (that the large lamps are suspended from) I propose to suspend a simple wood and nylon rope swing in the cafe area. Ideally, I would replace the tables and chairs with several of these swings placed throughout as the beams permitted. This would still allow for seating and yet the strange placement and oversized nature of the swings would encourage playfulness and wonder at how transformational it could be.

"As If Others Were in It"

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My idea is a two-part noise-based installation. For the first part, we will invite people to come into Regis and record 5 seconds of a noise of their making. The idea is to keep it original, fun, and loose, like in 5-second films. For a few days people can get excited about what kinds of sounds they can make and be heard, and then it's finished. My hope is that this leftover excitement can then be converted to further creativity in and around the art building.

The second part will consist of setting up sensors near the building's main entrances and loading the noise clips onto a queue that will play off one by one as people enter and leave the building. Doing this will activate the building at its edges and give each day's participants an audience to hear what they made.541931046dylQmP_fs.jpg541931046dylQmP_fs.jpg

Dream Tent

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When thinking of an idea for the atrium, I started thinking about what attracted me to a space. The first thing I thought of was comfort. Often times when I am in Regis I am cold. The colors and materials used in its construction add to this. So I asked myself, how could we make the space warmer and more inviting?

My proposal for the atrium is an inflatable tent structure. When thinking of an idea, I wanted to address various problems that this space has and tried to come up an construction that would solve these problems. The first problem I encountered was the proximity to the windows. This space could be cold considering how many window there are and glass is not the best insulator. We are loosing a lot of heat at this location. Inflatables are able to insulate. Temperature is a consideration when trying to attract someone to a space.

I also wanted to think about aspects of the space we would want to emphasize. This structure could be tall to display the height of the ceilings. There is a lot of light that comes in through the windows and we could use a semi sheer material to allow this light to come into the tent.

In the construction of this structure we would mimic the pre-exiting contours of the building in the seams of the tent in order to compliment the building further. The color of the fabric/textile could also be chosen with the space in mind as well.

Finally, I wanted to look at the purpose. What feelings are we trying to evoke in this display? Are we trying to encourage a sense of community? Should this be a place to relax? Depending on these answers we could incorporate sound and images. An image(s) could be projected onto the fabric, so the tent could also be very much a palette.

With the tent construction there are a lot of different opportunities for the viewer to also contribute. They perhaps could have a say in what images or sounds are displayed on or around the tent.

And lastly, because of the location the tent will always be on display potentially getting viewers outside curious. There could even be a small description of what the project is and an invitation to them to come inside and take a look.

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Sound artist Shawn Decker created the soundscape for artist Jan-Erik Andersson's garlic shaped sauna. They collaborated on the sound sauna as part of the SaunaLab project.

Krista-East Regis Proposal

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In order to improve the space in the East Regis building, I would propose to add some music, color, and more lounging chairs. The music would be loud enough in order to add life to the atmosphere, but quiet enough to allow most people to continue to use the area as a studying space. I personally enjoy places such as coffee shops and caf├ęs to study, because the white noise is calming and helps me concentrate better.

In addition to music, I would want to add color in the form of plants, whether they are fake or not, or some sort of colored lighting. I was inspired by the Institute of Art in Minneapolis, and how they use lights at night that project onto the gigantic white pillars. Color would grab attention and invite people to the space.

Last but not least, I would want to add inflatable chairs. These chairs could take many forms; such as, inner-tubes, spheres, semi-spheres, actual chair structures, or inflatable rectangular prisms. The materials would be out of thick plastic that would hopefully not deflate or puncture easily. Each chair would be shaped and colored differently. Along with chairs there could be the possibility of adding foot-rests and blow-up table-like structures to add to the convenience of lounging in this area.

My goal is to make the Regis Art building a place where commuters want to study and people that live nearby want to meet.

Nicola- Transform windows!

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When looking throughout Regis, I noticed that a large majority of flat surfaces in Regis are windows. There is a huge block of windows in Regis E and in the skyway.

Windows are interesting because they bring people into a space, and also make people look out into the world. At first I had some problems using the Regis building as a space, because the audience is so small and artificial. It's not a real world space, and I questioned the importance of making public art for people who study art. To me, it seems more of a test zone for works. But then I started thinking about windows. If we do something on windows, suddenly people walking by can be part of the piece as well.

Now for the idea:

When I was little, I had these window paints to make window art with, and also remember that I had clings for bath time. They were plastic and were in shapes and letters.
When was at the walker a couple of saturdays ago, I saw that they had a kids activity where they could cut out plastic film in any shape (they were all blue to go along with the Yves Klein show). It really transformed the space and drew people to it. Also, when they were done, the window clings stayed, and people could reposition them.

I would like to do something like this to transform Regis. It would be cool to make window clings, and offer the chance for people to move them around. It would be like real life colorforms.


other window ideas:

one way mirror material in shapes

plastic window insulation with cool images... would also make the space a little warmer

Two proposals from Jonathan

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I have two different proposals. Both build off of ideas presented in previous proposals. I think we should be open to improvising based on what materials we can get, and in what quantities.

1) Inner Skin
I like the idea of creating an inflatable curving wall that would go inside the windows and insulate heat better, while also reducing the scale of the space slightly. This translucent shape would soften the light and the shape of the room, making a cozier social space. I also like the proposition of bringing in plants and perhaps a record player with a bunch of old records. (PS I just walked out in the hall and Sam was playing records in the very place I had imagined, and it was great.)


2) Conversation Hammocks
This idea was inspired by a conversation with Daniel during last class when he started suggesting the idea of swings. Another thing we could suspend from the ceiling beeams is hammocks. What if we had clusters of 5 hammocks radiating out from a central point, so that everyone's feet pointed toward the middle. People could lounge individually, or join groups where they could converse while they relax. These could be in conjunction with the Inner Skin, or separate.


Hammocks! (sean)

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Regis East could use hammocks!


Regis East is very open and spacious. Using this openness and inserting opportunity to relax and contemplate the beautiful light and openness of the space would be valuable.

I believe students, faculty and others are in need of rest, relaxation, and play. Hammocks are very light and portable and inspire carefree play when compared to beds.

The logistics as to where such structures could be suspended is still in progress.

Teleporter! (sean)

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Including a teleporter in Regis would be extremely fun and exciting.

Of course, the whole project would be approached with comedy and imagination.

I was imagining fabricating a teleporter. This could look like a cylindrical tube made of fabric.

kinda like this...Haba-Blossom-Sky-Room-Tent.jpg
(but with a solid non-translucent fabric)

or it could be more imagined with just a simple platform to stand on...like this...

either way, I believe a teleporter could be funny, playful, and encourage childhood imagination and humbleness. Using suspension of disbelief allows participants to extend the physical object into an experience which can be personal to their imaginations.

I think it would be useful to include an informational brochure or sign which could describe the teleporter.

This object could be mobile and move locations throughout Regis East and West... and perhaps other places too!

here's a song about teleporters!

Ephemeral Transformation Proposal

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Ernesto Neto created an installation at the Armory in New York in 2009. I wasn't as excited about the installation as I have been about some of his other work, but one very nice aspect was the oversized bean-bag in which numerous visitors could lounge simultaneously while gazing up at the walls of a very tall and sheer tent:

Neto Bean Bag.jpg

Could we create a large space on which to lounge comfortably, with no separate chairs isolating bodies?

Could we allow for strategic windows in the tent that let a direct image of the sky or the sun enter the viewers' perceptual field, creating the phenomenological experience of the sky that a Turrell skyspace provides? Or could we use colored lights or colorful fabric to create a new environment with color?

Those are my thoughts!

- Elisa

Ephemeral transformation installation proposal.

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Some key ideas to explore.

Personal Space/Public Space/Shared Space
Viewers concept of personal space, as opposed to their concept of public space. What might happen when objects in a public space intrude upon a persons personal space.
How could have happen?
What am I considering personal space?
How would I like to violate that space?
How do I do so in a why that is interesting and engaging without being irritating and annoying.
Ideas of shared space and spaces that could be linked for sharing.
Can two, non-adjacent spaces, be connected and shared?

Composite Space?
Ideas of shared space and spaces that could be linked for sharing.
Can two, non-adjacent spaces, be connected and shared?
How would a person feel about sharing a "composite" space?

Composite spaces? Additive spaces? "Folded" spaces, from book, if universe is a sheet, and places can touch when they touch by being folded together.

Spatial awareness
Bursts of air?

Technological "Magic"
What is the quote about technology versus magic...


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Having e-studio in our building is going to play main role in this project. I am currently memorized by the thought that in few weeks seeds will grow into sprouts and later into plants. In forests fungi and various mushrooms will start to grow and I want to relate to this organically.
I plan to start with a small organic shape with air filled transparent material and each night for few weeks or as space permits, I will add new shapes and possibly introduce new materials to grow this small form. Also I will try to add these changes in a quiet environment when building has very less occupants. Gradually this growth will be noticeable like we are surprised by diverse growth in nature.

Place is still undecided. Mainly to check with admins about the duration of this project. Actually any space can be occupied by this phenomenon.

Besides a silent surprise aspect, I wish to put into visual the general growth of an art student and student community.

Nicola- Transform windows inspiration

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The Julie Snow light rail stop on lake street:
Julie Snow light rail

Pink Void (proposed)

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Pink Inverse Void_2.jpg

portable zendo

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A circular chamber made entirely of recycled cardboard, this Zendo, designed by Paul Discoe and Amy Van Nostrand, Burning Man 2006. Photo by Richard Lang for SFGate.

hammock design ideas

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ekorre hammock chair.jpg

culture and space

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Next week Dr. Tasoulla Hadjiyanni will be our eStudio guest. Her work includes a focus on the culture of home.

She has suggested two readings:

Embodied Space(s)

and Ojibwe-Home Cultures paper

equipment access

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you can reserve equipment at Equipment Checkout

reserve equipment online before picking it up

When you log in you will see the equipment that you have access to for the duration of the course.

Laptops can be checked out for a 4 hour period and can be used with the Regis Center for Art during that time.

Video cameras, lights, sound recorders, mics, etc. can be used for up to 48 hours per week - distributed as you wish.

Prosumer and Professional equipment is available via the CLA-TV Studios

CLA-OIT has loaner equipment available as well.

McMaster Carr

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McMaster Carr


specializing in next day delivery of an enormous range of materials that are very useful to the process of prototyping your ideas.

Tuesday Banner Creations


Hello Everyone!

If it is still possible with all the snow I will still be going to Banner Creations this Tuesday, 2/22. If anyone is interested in still joining me I posted some information including how to get there on the bus.

When: 12:30 PM
Where: Banner Creations 1620 Central Ave. #151
How to get there from Regis:

Walk 0.12 miles S from 405 21ST AVE S to Riverside Av & 21 Av S

Route: 2C Franklin Av / To Central / U of M

11:38 AM depart from Riverside Av & 21 Av S
11:56 AM arrive at 6 St SE & Hennepin Av / 2 AvQuick Personal Schedule (?)

Walk 0.05 miles W to Central Av NE & Hennepin E / 6 St
10N Central Av / Northtown

12:11 PM depart from Central Av NE & Hennepin E / 6 St
12:17 PM arrive at Central Av NE & 18 Av NE

Walk 0.08 miles S to 1620 CENTRAL AVE NE

If you aren't able to go but would like us to look for something specific just post what you are looking for and I would be happy to look for you.

Also, those of you who are planning on going, if you could post a comment letting me know I would really appreciate it. I am going to call them tomorrow and let them know how many of us to expect

Thanks guys!

Presence, Production, Borders

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Just to follow up on a few ideas I mentioned in class this week, here are some references.

First, here's Thomas Hirschhorn talking about his Bijlmer Spinoza Festival. His emphasis on 'Presence' and 'Production' are interesting criteria for working in public space.


Second, here's a hilarious quote from Andrei Codrescu's The Posthuman Dada Guide. We were talking about how boundaries around nationality, cultural identification, and community affiliation get blurred and intermingled in our global society. I think this is a brilliantly absurd description of our globalized/privatized/militarized present/future:

"Political structures larger than the family are projections of automatic economic systems. Borders are largely imaginary, soon to be replaced by aesthetic differences.* In other words, there will be privately constructed borders created by everyone everywhere, enforced by pocket nukes capable of eliminating entire cities or regions. Arbitrary moral systems will back up private aesthetic borders, making it imperative for everyone to receive the correct medication. Unmedicated people will not be allowed pocket nukes, which makes it necessary that they be naked and searched often by militias of art students.

* A longer discussion on borders and aesthetics may be in order here: I refer the reader to my two earlier texts The Disappearance of the Outside and "before the storm: geographers in new orleans," a discussion of anarchist geography published in the book Jealous Witness. For now, suffice it to say that the notion of "privately constructed borders" is an extension of the Republican impulse to privatize everything, from health care to prisons. Borders today are largely imaginary: the Mexican-American border, for instance, runs through every major American city, wherever illegal immigrants go for work. The "border" is a metaphor that separates the so-called legal entity from the "paperless" one. In this sense, constructing borders will eventually be a full-time occupation for anyone providing herm legality, while the aesthetics will be simply the manner in which the entity constructs the argument. Anyone who wants to be "legal" will eventually want to be "legally elegant," that is, as aesthetically concise as the law itself. As for "pocket nukes," these will most certainly be available to the public under the Second Amendment, because they are already in the U.S. arsenal. In the matter of "art student" squads searching people for illegal nukes, the author hopes that he's being ironic, but not really sure. He is most definitely not ironic about the zones of "medicated liberty" or about medications of any sort. In fact, he is going to swallow a pill right now in order to continue the utopian enterprise of typing."

Dreaming of Swinging