Teleporter! (sean)

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Including a teleporter in Regis would be extremely fun and exciting.

Of course, the whole project would be approached with comedy and imagination.

I was imagining fabricating a teleporter. This could look like a cylindrical tube made of fabric.

kinda like this...Haba-Blossom-Sky-Room-Tent.jpg
(but with a solid non-translucent fabric)

or it could be more imagined with just a simple platform to stand this...

either way, I believe a teleporter could be funny, playful, and encourage childhood imagination and humbleness. Using suspension of disbelief allows participants to extend the physical object into an experience which can be personal to their imaginations.

I think it would be useful to include an informational brochure or sign which could describe the teleporter.

This object could be mobile and move locations throughout Regis East and West... and perhaps other places too!

here's a song about teleporters!

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