Tuesday Banner Creations


Hello Everyone!

If it is still possible with all the snow I will still be going to Banner Creations this Tuesday, 2/22. If anyone is interested in still joining me I posted some information including how to get there on the bus.

When: 12:30 PM
Where: Banner Creations 1620 Central Ave. #151
How to get there from Regis:

Walk 0.12 miles S from 405 21ST AVE S to Riverside Av & 21 Av S

Route: 2C Franklin Av / To Central / U of M

11:38 AM depart from Riverside Av & 21 Av S
11:56 AM arrive at 6 St SE & Hennepin Av / 2 AvQuick Personal Schedule (?)

Walk 0.05 miles W to Central Av NE & Hennepin E / 6 St
10N Central Av / Northtown

12:11 PM depart from Central Av NE & Hennepin E / 6 St
12:17 PM arrive at Central Av NE & 18 Av NE

Walk 0.08 miles S to 1620 CENTRAL AVE NE

If you aren't able to go but would like us to look for something specific just post what you are looking for and I would be happy to look for you.

Also, those of you who are planning on going, if you could post a comment letting me know I would really appreciate it. I am going to call them tomorrow and let them know how many of us to expect

Thanks guys!


Thanks for organizing this Paula. I am not able to join the group on Tuesday at 12:30 but look forward to a future visit.

Would you ask if there samples of "ecophab" material that is made from 100% post-consumer soda bottles?

Thanks, Diane

Hi Paula,

I am still going to try to meet you at Banner Creations, however I'll be driving there. Hopefully it'll be easy to find.

See you then,

I can drive there tomorrow. I can take two others. Call me at 202-306-5643 if you want to go with me and I'll hold you a spot. Meet me at Regis at 12:15 in under the breezeway.

I was planning on going, but am sick, so I'll see how it goes...

If I can't go- anything that can be used for hammocks would be nice...

how did everything go???

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