corner project and hammocks

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Sean and I have been thinking about collaborating for the corner project. We have a few ideas:

space behind barker and art building- there is a nice white wall for projection, it is a nice link from campus into the community. There is a vast history in this area. Last semester we took a Twin cities history class, and it would be interesting to share some of that history. My final paper was on West bank's history of the arts. I've been interested in social histories and space, so this could be an option to explore.

-triangle park on riverside ave- this is the most bizarre park ever. I don't think I have ever seen anyone in it. It is small, there is high car traffic, and it isn't all that attractive. It would be great to claim that space by doing something there. Some ideas I have had have been to through a bunch of seeds in the park that would hopefully grow into something (inspired by yoko ono's painting for the wind).

Sean and I have been talking about having some sort of event that draws people to the space, or projection for the passing cars.

-sidewalk around seward co-op- sean and i have for a while been talking about giving gifts to people in some sort of booth or in costumes. this is a space where we go that has a lot of foot traffic and could be a good place to have a gift exchange.


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I was surprised by how many people used the hammocks. I was really pleased by this outcome. Though I don't think the conversation part of the hammocks ever was quite resolved, they were a nice addition to the space. I want them back up because now the space seems so lonely and uninviting. It was nice for a little while to see so much happening in a space that is normally so static and cold feeling.

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