Elisa's Ephemeral Snow Installation (Corner Project)

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Ephemeral Installation Reflection:

I learned a lot from our project. We discussed many options and possible ideas, but in the end, the materials we ended up using dictated the outcome in many respects. Different materials could have changed the way that we made the space feel. Our experimentation with construction was very direct, and could have been done more in the planning stages. Our initial interest was the transform the experience of the space, rather than think functionally about the use of the space. We were certainly able to insert an intervention that altered the experience of the space. Over a longer period of time it could have been interesting to watch the installation evolve and grow, continuing to add and subtract from the experience. Ultimately, the most interesting way to understand what we were doing was to understand the experience as a performance of an event that died before it ever happened. I like the implications of reflecting on the death of our endeavors, even before we have fully manifested them.


I am drawn to the corner of 22nd Ave S and 5th St because I walk by it every day, it has a number of pedestrians, even if there is not much of interest at the actual site, and it connects a view of the river with the concrete of our urban campus environment.

My first ephemeral transformation brings elements of my installation work to the site, intersecting them with the snow landscape and the light. I am interested in the way that the snow references other natural phenomena of different scale. To that end, I am most happy with my insertions when they also begin to reference clouds or cosmological elements of a different scale than the actual objects. I am also interested in placing ephemera so that it appears to might possibly only be the debris that is offered up as the snow melts.


snow bank 5.jpg

Snow Bank 10.jpg

snow bank.jpg


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