Fireside Park Project--Krista (& reflection on hammocks)

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Here are a few images of the corner that I have chosen. The woods that I mentioned in class is to the right, (in reference to the bonfire pit idea that I had, to cater to 'nightlife') which is usually mowed in the summertime. As you can see, the park is outdated and I would love to do something interesting to grab more attention and add life back into the playground.

I believe that I will start with surveys, gain some history on the playground's life and activities. I also thought of just holding an event there that would hopefully add more of a community-feel into the neighborhood. I grew up with this park, because it was added shortly after my family moved into the neighborhood when I was 7 years old. I have also brought many kids to that park which I have been a previous nanny/babysitter for, so making this place more inviting for both the adults and children is important to me.


251st and Elk Trail.jpg
I enjoyed putting the hammocks up, it was an easy process after we got the materials necessary for their installation. I saw people enjoying them for naps and simply hanging out with their friends in them between classes, which was fun to see. It was sad finding them gone, because I missed their "laid back" presence. The hammocks brought relaxation and a kind of 'outdoor' feel to them, in my opinion, because they reminded me of camping during the summertime. The space is now very empty, neutral, and businesslike, which is boring to me. Hopefully something goes up in the hammocks' place soon.

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