Reflection on Regis Space

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Having taken the the pieces down and seeing the space go back to its original state there were a lot of things that surprised me. I noticed the lack of color the space has and how our project added some life and festivity to the space. While the pieces were up I enjoyed how the they interacted with one another. One the on hand, there were the hammocks that were very relaxing and peaceful and then the swings with were were lively and fun. Having the fabric installation between was a good divider. I would see people having to duck and maneuver around the fabric installation in order to get from one space to another. Having the fabric piece there was a way to have multiple groups enjoy both pieces at once. I also wanted to congratulate the other groups for a job well done-they really accomplished what the class had originally set out to do. They provided a space for students to come and gather.

As far as the composition of the fabric piece, it is funny to think back on. Our thought process as a group went so many many places throughout the design process. As it went up it seemed to reflect the many different directions we tried to take. In a way I am really happy we had this project first because the lessons that were learned. It's hard to find the balance between planning and actually getting started.

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