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I believe that identifying and preserving a public space for metaphysical connection is a vital issue. It is essential to break the routine of malnourishing spaces and reintroduce playfulness and transforming nature of public spaces. With the layers of snow, urban area shrinks to its veins and public spaces collapse to the activities based on gravity and confined to ultra-familiar comfort and objects. It continues to be the identity of that public space. Our opportunity to install functional devices became investigative tools for the visitors. When we created a prototype with aircraft cable and flat round disc, it was a functional piece with very few controllable errors but it was missing the eternal connection, thin and gray nature of aircraft cable was a bit too dry. So we introduced fibrous rope and patterned wood with comforting and inviting curvature. While sanding and finishing rough routed wood, the only goal was to accentuate these two features. I guess the overall feel made it easier to trust our long hanging swings and everybody seems to enjoy them. We observed that participates invented many creative ways to incorporate architectural features while enjoying these swings. Jump start from steps, snacking from tables, reaching out to coffee resting on vents and conversing with friends peeking down from upper level to name a few.

When the swings occupied atrium, the space appeared much larger than we normally sensed. It became a point of fascination to revisit memories, to feel weightless and also to feel energetic. The touch of the rope was very friendly and comforting. Rope also became a mode of temporary documentation of history as it would expand with weight and shrink back to it's original position in half hour when unoccupied. After the period of installation the atrium shrunk visibly, everything that was already still appeared stiffer and heavier than ever. With swings, hammocks and party spot, casualness and alternative habitat was gone and space turned formal, all seemed to follow rules once again. It was fun to have a taste of freedom and a space that would make laptops & cellphones feel awkward and out of the place.

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