Artist Influence

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It was a challenge to decide which artist influenced me the most so in order to be the most productive I decided to ask myself who's approach to public art did I find appealing-who's approach could influence the way I would like to approach my corner. I thought of Julie Muhretu. I read an article about her in the New Yorker, Big Art, Big Money, last year about her mural, "Mural" in the Goldman Sachs's lobby in downtown Manhattan. By working with a company which has received a lot of criticism in the last few years, it could have hurt her reputation. It was interested to see how she approached this problem. Julie was able to separate herself to a certain degree. She has a large wall. She evaluated the space which was steel and glass and systematically came up with something.



"I was thinking back to the modernist tradition of painting as part of architecture, and I was also thinking about the narrative of lower Manhattan."

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