Corner Project

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I set up 28 round reflector panels underneath the bridge at Lake and Stevens in a double arrow ( <-->) design. On each of the panels I wrote the words "Saint Christopher Protect Us." My attempt was to transform the panels into amulet medallions. I posted two signs encouraging passer-bys to remove and take a medallion. I asked, furthermore that if they lived towards Hennepin they take one from the left and if they lived towards Hiawatha they take one from the right.
alt="102_3530.JPG" src="" width="600" height="450" class="mt-image-center" style="text-align: center; display: block; margin: 0 auto 20px;" />
The piece is meant to be about choices, travel, traffic currents,different speeds of looking and walking, protection and being protected and possibly throwing away things that protect you and history and new ways of looking at the old, new ways of looking at things from a distance, new ways of approaching a crossroads and arbitrary midpoints in space (a position we arguably occupy everyday, destruction and equilibrium in the evolution of an image over time (the arrows should transform into a scattered cluster of dots after a while), and my family's history with Lake Street (Stevens is the midpoint between Hennepin and 13th where my mother and her siblings lived 30 years ago).
A week later, when I revisited the site, all but 4 pendents were removed, presumably taken. The 4 that were left were all on the Hennepin Ave side of the bridge, and so may tell us something about the people that frequent the bridge.102_3560.JPG

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