Sean and Nicola's corner- facts for cars

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Sean and Nicola Corner: estudio: Car Facts!

artist intent:

provide information/humor to passing cars from HW94!!!

trivia, unexpected facts

contradicts expectations of homeless and protesters


armadillos can walk underwater

you weigh slightly less when the moon is directly overhead

ants never sleep

if you stretch a standard slinky out flat, it measures 87 feet long

hummingbirds are the only animal that can fly backwards

there are around 10,000 trillion ants in the world

welcome to latitude: 44.964599 longitude: -93.233760

elephants have 4 knees

polar bears are left handed

it would take around 1,600,050,000 pieces of this paper to weigh the same as a full grown male african elephant

a crocodile cannot stick its tongue out


mosquitos have teeth

camels have three sets of eyelids. one of them is clear.

you have around 100-150 eyelashes on each of your eyes

you blink around 4,200,000 times each year of your life

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I think Ants do sleep actually, especially the lazy queens:

From the Journal of Insect Behavior

and the BBC review of the article:

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