Sean's thoughts concerning the guest speakers and artists

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So far, my favorite guests to our class are Sam, Jack, and Michael.

Out of all of the guests, I believe I connected most with Sam. It was useful to hear about his art practice and his outlook on art-making and public space. His concerns for site specificity, reciprocity, political activism, public discussion, documentation, literature, philosophy, community, democracy, social histories and communication were all extremely useful to learn about.

It was inspiring to learn about the depth of his art practice. His projects have existed in such a wide variety of places and with a large variety of people.

Also, Sam mention of Stephen Duncombe was great! Stephen's lecture at the walker on Utopia is great!

I also enjoyed meeting Jack from Forecast Public Art. It was useful to get exposure and a glimpse into how funding for art happens in Minneapolis. His passion for art and artists really showed during his presentation. It was also great to hear his stories of projects and to hear about his connection to public art. The photos he showed during his presentation were very helpful in his explanation of public art in Minneapolis. Overall, I was impressed by the variety of skills Jack had. He has communication skills, business skills, artistic skills, writing skills, and media skills (among others). It was inspiring to meet someone with such a diversity of talents!

Lastly, I really enjoyed our class engagement with Michael. It was really great to have our class stand up and move. Although interests in puppets and theater are not primarily my focus, I learned many concepts and techniques which I believe I can apply to my own practice. Michael's discussion of the object and our bodies connection to objects was fascinating. I believe most useful was Michael's suggestion to rethink how we see and interact with objects in our everyday (and our connection to objects, narrative, and meaning).

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