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The three speakers that were the most inspiring to me and my art practice were Sam Gould, Janaki, and the guy from Transmaterial (oops, forgot his name).

Sam Gould: The Friday before class I also saw him talk, but he still added new things for our class. I really liked how he explained his art practice and gave me a lot to think about when it comes to social practice as art. His insights were helpful for the Regis Transformation, and I thought he had much to say. He brought up some really good things to think about when framing art and also interacting with the public.

Janaki: Though I have known her from being a volunteer helping on the Mayday parade the past two years (this will be my third), she still offered new things to say. I didn't know about her egg and sperm ride, but it is exciting that she is adding technology to her work. I have done puppetry and stop motion before, but never live stop motion :). It was fun, but I also got a lot out of her talking about her own work and passions. Janaki always has something interesting to say, and this was no exception.

Transmaterial person (I can't believe I forgot his name...): I loved all of the slides he showed about new materials and how they are being used in architecture, design, and other uses. I am a fan of felt, so the molding of industrial felt was fascinating for me. My parents both work in the Field of Architecture, so I grew up with two people with strong ideas about design. Architecture and design still have a place in my mind. His lecture was heightened when I visited the "New Materials" room at CCA over spring break. I got to see some of the things he was talking about...

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