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To begin with, Jack Becker was so helpful in his explanation of what public art is. He illustrated the many different directions artist have gone and helped to broaden my boundaries especially with the corner project in mind. The set up for his lecture was very helpful in how casual it was-it was really just a discussion to help brainstorm ideas. He made public art approachable. It was great to be able to speak with someone that had worked within the field for so long-his list of resources appeared really never ending.

The architect that worked with a designer in Texas was another speaker that I was interested in. It was especially exciting to see how he worked with his partner. They worked differently and both had their own set of skills and they used these skills they had to their advantage. It can be hard working with someone on a project and the two of them often times weren't meeting face to face so it was really impressive to see what they were able to achieve. His enthusiasm for materials was also very exciting to see. He was a problem solver and it was interesting to see how he employed different materials depending on their properties in order to solve problems.

Bruce Wright is also someone that I greatly admire mostly for his wealth of knowledge. He is someone greatly interested in materials, how they function and change. He enjoys knowing what project people are working on. He is a great example of a collaborator or networker. His curiosity has brought him so many places and has made him such an invaluable resource.

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