!!!Collective Community Celebration in the Clouds!!!

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this was in the 1960s.....

what could happen in the 2060's?!?!?!



!!!Collective Community Celebration in the Clouds!!!

///!World Social+Musical+Dance Interactive Festival!///

You and everyone on the planet are invited!

when: August 15 to August 18, 2069!

where: the sky!

what: a three-day coming together of all humans!

During the festival, each person will uniquely contribute to the experience! Each person's unique mind and unique body will contribute to the light and sound of the collective world community composition! The clouds and wind will transmit both the generated sound and light!

In order to encourage diversity and adventure, participants will be empowered with the ability to teleport to any location in the sky throughout the festival! Although people will be unable to talk during the festival, all will be able to express themselves with their thoughts and their bodies!

This festival will inspire creativity, equality, peace, communication, and play in this contemporary age! The collectively created light and sound will heal and transform all!

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