Ephemeral Transformation Reflection (Elisa)

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Using the expansive space in the Regis Lobby to experiment with large installations has provided a lot of information that has proven already to inform my studio practice in helpful ways. Exploding with material in that space, first on my own and now with the Ephemeral Transformation Project has helped me better understand the materiality of fabric, the role of different colors in relation to one another, and the relationship between material, color, space and architecture.

Our group enjoyed discussing various ideas, brainstorming and researching possible sources of inspiration. The material that became available for our project ultimately determined the actual manifestation of our project. This is very interesting. Form determines content. Material comes prior to the meaning that is then produced through the manipulation of material. The material will necessarily inform that meaning.

The piece eventually became a party that was over before it started, representing its own failure to become or achieve anything. The idea that the event of which this party is a result never actually occurred makes the actual event of the art itself a trace of an immemorial past. Nothing every happened, and now all we have is the record of the non-event.

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