Regis Hammock Project Overview

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The hammock project concept was created by Jonathon Kaiser, and was originally meant to be a network of hammocks roughly in a circle encouraging conversation. One of the first things I did as part of the group was to suggest how the idea might work off paper in the Regis space. As a counter proposition I suggested the windows might be filled with the hammocks, as a way to make do with the limitations of space. Limitations in materials, however, and dedication to the original circular arrangement led to a design with one hammock in a window with other hammocks grouped around it. The rest of my participation revolved around troubleshooting materials, costs and hanging strategies, all of which was discussed as a team. We figured out early on that rope could be purchased inexpensively. I purchased 50 ft of 120lb strength rope for $10, which was later replaced by a better rope with 300lb strength purchased for roughly the same amount. Attaching the hammocks was originally a problem, but luckily other team members were able to find a site explaining hammock attachment to trees. We figured out together how we could use those same strategies and fit the ropes onto the support beams in East Regis. In the end, limitations of fabric became the primary concern. We secured a good deal of material from Banner Creations, but could not get enough to fully complete any proposed plan. The four or so hammocks we already had in place were deemed good enough, and, after we placed a sign up, we decided the project was finished.

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