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I have several that I am continually interested in and some that are new since the beginning of this class. One of my favorite contemporary artists is named Barry McGee from San Francisco. He specializes in pop art, graffiti art and typically in the realm of subcultures from that area. He creates characters that always seem tired, distraught, disillusioned or heartbroken with modern society, control, addiction and mass media. He has been highly regarded in that underground punk/surf/skateboard culture and I have always found that fascinating, fancying myself one of those members although I grew up in the midwest. I really enjoy the dark and dramatic expressions and lines in his characters, and most often they seem relatable and familiar. Here is one of his prints:

Another artist that I found recently is named Shea Hembrey. He has a unique background and currently an equally unique concept of singularity. His work is titled "Biennial" where he created 100 artists with differing mediums and stories, and then created the works that they themselves would create. We get a twofer in his current work. I thought this concept was so new and risky and seemingly complex, but he states that simplicity and universal understanding was important to him for the viewers of his work. Art is supposed to touch people, rather than to be completely esoteric that it is difficult to articulate. He seems like a cool dude. HIs website:

Another artist I found in the literary magazine "Paper Darts" is named Jolyn Frazier. Her work seems light, playful and funny. The piece "Don't Let the Bastards Get You Down" made me laugh for about twenty minutes straight. I find anthropomorphic work hilarious for some reason I cannot explain. "Paper Darts" is a good source for all kinds of art, and new contemporary/digital artists.

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