December 15, 2008

Ping Distance Calculations w/ Temperature Reading Code

I will be adding more, however I believe this is the only code I referenced for the website. It is the sub routines for ping() and thermistor readings.

There is an optional change that can be made to actually have the temperature readings affect the calculations for ping()

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November 2, 2008

Wireless Communication Working

As it turns out the supplier that we purchased the Xbee Arduino shields from, switched from the XBee Series 1 to Series 2 -- which does not support out-of-the-box virtual-wire communication.

To make a long story short, I got the two Xbee units up & running using a "virtual wire". (As in the Arduino is just using the standard communication methods)

See the video:

The Arduino on the left (powered by the Mac), is commanding, via Xbee, the Arduino on the right (powered by the PC) to turn on/off the LED every second.

Midway through the video I unplug the transmitting Arduino, to show the effect it has on the receiving -- the light stops blinking.

See the extended entry for sketch code

~Zeb "Is not happy with Sparkfun Electronics right now" GrandPre

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October 13, 2008

Motion Sensor

So I was pretty tickled when the orders that I placed earlier in the week came in on Friday. To counter the excitement, when I received the parts I realized only 1 of 2 wireless transmitters were received by the ECE shop, making it impossible to test properly. (No worries, I am following up on that issue!)

Fortunately, the sensors arrived, so I got to work on the first proximity sensor. I set up a really basic program that will basically sense if there is a change in distance. So in the video, if an object is placed in front of it (my hand), the red LED will flash. If the hand is removed it will flash again. Also, because it was too hard to quickly record, but the actual distance in inches is being streamed to my computer -- so far when it says 55 inches, it is pretty darn accurate

See the attached video.

Keep in mind, I threw this together rather quickly (notice how there are only 3 wires coming out of the Arduino) If there is concern about the sensitivity, I will be fine tuning it later.

Either way, thought it might build up a little excitement!


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