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November 29, 2007

Walker Art Center Exhibition

Write a two paragraph reflection on your interpretation of the concept of the Brave New Worlds exhibition at the Walker Art Center.

Parse each facet of the concept as well as the whole.




You may interpret it from the point of view of the curator, the perspective of the viewer or in relationship to a particular artist whose work is presented in the exhibition.

November 27, 2007

Interactive Project - Betsy

My project was about involving the people viewing the art in the creation. You could stand back and admire the art or dip your hands in paint and create to add to the project. I loved finger painting in elementary school because it gave you a literal hands-on feel and you could do so much with just your hands and some paint. I loved how different people did different things with their hands. Some did just fingertips, some would smear their hand all over the paper, and some would just do a handprint. I wanted to show movement and or emotion with the handprints, so when I did my demo before I had footprints and handprints showing movement across the paper. The feet did dances, hops and running while the hands followed their own path of movement. I loved the finished poduct with it's colors blended and collage or people's hands all over it. You could pick out certain people's handprints, which I found to be really interesting. The way they interpreted the project matched their personality, shows how art is really molded by it's maker. I great project and a really fun way to involve the class in my idea of art. :)

NiCk DeCkEr

My project was mainly focused around the idea of being able to communicate with two people in order to create what they thought was the right picture. I worked out all right but i could have used some different materials. I tried using those pictures as references for people to use as a way to illustrate what they thought was their own take on that picture. I wanted to do something that was fun but rather challenging and it seemed like people enjoyed it. Unfortunately i am not techinal savy so i can not upload pictures of the final result so i will have to have one of you help me or try to figure it out on my own. Hopefully here in the next week i can show the artwork

Interactive artwork: Michelle Stein

Description: Through my work, my intent was to convey a different/contrasting emotion with each collage by using various colors and pictures associated with each. As emotions usually reflect in a person’s facial features and outward appearance or the way they perceive themselves, I chose to physically depict this with the use of mirrors that reflect the person’s face. By placing a mirror behind each collage, I was hoping to create an interactive work that plays with different emotions and shows the effects of the emotions in their visual identity. I also altered each mirror to further emphasize the effect of each emotion. I don’t have any images of the actual interaction of the piece, but I do have images of the piece itself.
interactive 1.jpgmirror1.jpginteractive2.jpgmirror2.jpginteractive 3.jpgmirror3.jpginteractive4.jpgmirror4.jpg
Inspiration: I decided to create an artwork that related to image and identity and how each of us views ourselves. I didn’t have a particular inspiration, other than the fact that I have always admired art created through a collage. Here is just one example by Mia Moore:

Interactive Project- Allison and Julia

We decided to create a piece in which those who chose to participate
could take one brush stroke with any color of their choice and make
any kind of mark they wished. In the end we achieved many layers and
many different types of strokes. The following pictures showed the
gradually layering when we first did the piece in Pioneer Hall outside
of the dining hall...







Interactive Art: Chris Tuominen

My project revolved around the general idea that if you can apply the correct set of conditions to real-life situations, you can create images on paper. The original object that I drew inspiration from was a pre-made Psychology survey that was handed out to all participants. Based on the answers given to the questions, corresponding lines were added to a poster-sized piece of paper. The end result was entirely dependent on the answers; and it had a mechanical, almost machine-like quality to the lines. The size and pattern to the lines also showed the answers to the questions.

November 26, 2007

Interactive Art - Sarah

For this project I worked with Jess and we made a piece involving light and movement. For this project we built a small ornament using spoons, forks, glitter glue, clips, and a plate. The end result of our piece was built to resemble something similar to that of a set of chimes. In class we had one person hold up the piece while another person waved a flashlight around casting different shadows on the wall. Due to the different shapes we bent some of the silverware as well as the clips we used to hang them with, the shadows would create very interesting shapes on the wall. It was also interesting the way the person shining the flashlight would affect the way the shadows looked.

fall 07 034.JPG

fall 07 033.JPG

fall 07 032.JPG

fall 07 030.JPG

fall 07 031.JPG

fall 07 029.JPG

Interactive Journal

For the interactive assignment I had the idea of collaborating each individual's ideas and thoughts into one book. Each person (in class and outside of class) made a page with virtually no instruction. The idea was to bring together each person's resources and daydreams without influence upon each other. When these pages are put together, the book has a nice contrast of the different ways each person was thinking at the time. This book serves as a journal to me because it was made by the people whom I have met here at the University and it allows me to reflect on the different types of thinkers. I was inspired for this project by the 1000 journals project. This is an ongoing affair that was started by an idea of sending journals all over the world with the instructions of anyone who would come across one to make one page and pass it on. These journals are now extremely popular, and as they are getting filled they are being published; you can learn more about it at:

Rides- Ethan

Yeah, I have room for four people so give me a call if you want a ride. We will meet at 1:40 in front of Regis.
Cell phone #: 952-847-3690

Interactive Project- Nellie Brau

"Stains of Life"
For my Interactive project, I chose to express how I felt about how life is something that comes at you in many different ways, and usually in ways that you can't nessecarly control. To illustrate my idea of problems that come your way unexpectedly, I chose to use "stains" so-to-speak. These different substances that I collected were intended to represent the variety and difference in effect "stains" can have on life. I brought in the blank white canvas and had a handful of you add your "stain" or mark to its surface in order to build something that was the creation of many. I hope those of you that put one of the "stains" onto the canvas had fun with the project, as it was meant to be a bit humorous in a way. I was hoping I could get all of you to perhaps laugh at some of the "stains of life" and be okay with what might come your way in the years to come. I also had myself in mind when creating the project. I attempted, throught this project, to accept and be alright with some of the "not so perfect" things in life, and to embrace things that are messy. It was a good exercise for someone like me. Though, to many of your dismay, I could not hold onto the piece because it reeked of cheddar and toothpaste and was just too messy to keep around. But thanks for taking to the piece so well! I had fun!

November 25, 2007

Bus Rides To Walker - NiCk DeCkEr

If you take the 113 its pretty close, or take 16 to 6 on hennipen both of those get you pretty close, I think some people may be looking for carpools, I might be able to snag my dads suv, and i think ethan has room for four? if you are going to take the bus we should have people meet 1:10-1:15 in front of regis in order to get over to wiley hall in time, or if you want a ride from ethan, call him or send him an email and i thknk he was going to have people show up in front of regis 1:45, my cell is 402 980 6238 call or text me if you want a ride i may be able to get my dads car if not i will be taking the bus so just let me know, peace out

November 20, 2007

Post your Interactive Works in Process

Document your interactive art project, Interactive Works in Process.


These may represent your project preparations, and outcome of the interactive work (if there is a product) as well as the work in process / with active engagement of the participants.

A brief narrative description of the project.

Describe or refer to your inspiration with text and or images.

John Baldessari

1. I chose to do a presentation on John Baldessari because he is more than just an artist. He is a philosophical thinker. His works go beyond normal boundaries in the meaning behind them. Though his works have a significant meaning to him, they also mean different things to different people. This is why I think he is interesting.
2. http://www.vdb.org/smackn.acgi$tapedetail?IAMMAKINGA
3. John informs not only my own thinking, but the thoughts of any one who sees his work in a very significant way. He allows the audience's mind to be independent and come up with the meaning of each piece, but often he has been known to point out what he wants the viewer to notice. This makes me think of things broader than I would normally think about. He makes me wonder about our corrupt society, our cultural views of art, the arbitrary rules we live by, and the common things we forget to notice in life.

November 5, 2007

Artist Dale Chihuly- Allison Prange

1) I chose Dale Chihuly for my artist presentation because he has always been an inspiration for me. His use of color, history, emotion, an interesting medium and teams of people. I remember seeing an exhibit done by Chihuly one of the first times I ever went to the new Milwaukee Art Museum.
2) http://www.chihuly.com/
3) I am inspired by the fact that despite his obvious talent and vision, he is willing and interested in bringing in new artists to learn things from them, as well as showing them some of his tricks. He can manage a group and clearly communicate how he wants things done, without being too overbearing. He creates statements in an interesting way. He is interested in culture and history and how they can influence his new projects.