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December 19, 2007

Betsy - Independant Project

I was a little lost at first with what I would use to make my final project. I knew I wanted to do something that I could use again, so something relevant to me and my life. I came upon the name idea randomly one day out of the blue - but it was perfect. I've always been interested in the power of what a person's name holds. When I say a name, I immediately think of the person I know who's the owner of that name and how they've morphed me as a person. I wanted to incorporate the hundreds of names that I had a connection to, to an object. In our class discussion about our projects, someone gave me the idea of a mirror - and it was a perfect idea. From there my project took off.

I used a black frame around a mirror as the base for my names. I would use mod podge to coat the surface of the frame, and then lay down a name with mod podge on top of it. When dried it gives a clear, glossy sheen. I looked up as many names that I could in magazines I had in my room. The more unique names that wouldn't be found within the pages of a popular magazine were created on my computer. I used different fonts and different colors for each name I typed up to give an overall uniqueness to each name - just like the person it represented. There were two hooks that were on the mirror when I purchased it, and from them hang the aspects of my personality that are shaped by the people on the mirror: Strength, Weakness, Values, Self-Worth, Religion, Character, Drive, Passions, Dreams, Confidence, Abilities, Ideology, Morals, Past, Present, & Future. And tied to both hooks and hanging below the personality labels hangs the word Life.

Overall the project represents to me, myself. I look in the mirror and as I see my reflection, I see the hundreds of names that contributed to the person I see in the mirror. Some impacted me negatively and some positively. The personality labels that hang below remind me of what I believe in and how I act in my daily life. The beauty of the project is that anyone could look in the mirror and see people that impacted THEIR life behind the names they see. The Katie that I know may have impacted me differently than the Katie you know. Etc.

This project for me brought together art, text, symbols and individuals. The art is the overall project, the text is seen in the names of all the people, the symbols are what is represented behind those names, and the individual is needed to physically look in the mirror and bring the project to life.

I enjoyed presenting this to the class, because as people would shout out a name they saw on the frame, I'd have a simple story behind why that name is there - what the impact that person had on me. Every name on this frame bears the significance of something important IN ME. Take a look through the mirror...what do you see????

Michelle Stein - Final Project

For my independent project, I combined the fields of art, more specifically sculpture and sound, and math, more specifically fractals. Initially, I was planning on painting a picture of a fractal. However, I later decided against this because I felt as though this was not a giant leap from the original 2D graphs that fractals are pictured as. Also, I have worked with paint a number of times. Sculpture, on the other hand, is not something I have had much experience with. Also, manipulating sound was completely new for me.
Through sculpture and sound, I mimicked the characteristics of a fractal: “A curve, or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical characteristic of the whole? (Oxford Dictionary). In the sculpture, I created a triangular pyramid, each side holding another, and another, and another. Looking at the overall sculpture, you can see that it is made up of smaller versions of the whole. To create this, I made molds for each triangle out of paper, making sure that the length of the sides were halved as they became smaller. Initially, I did not create a solid mold, rather, a bunched up wad of paper and tin foil. This did not work very well because it was not solid and didn’t have precise dimensions. Therefore, I constructed molds for the remaining sculpture.
With the sound, I created a fractal by overlapping the same sound, but at different tempos. This creates a fractal because if you listen closely to only a segment of the overall “song? you can hear a quicker version of the same thing. This was an interesting experience to create this because I had never worked with the program Audacity before. I had to experiment with all the different tools to find out which one did what I wanted to do. I tried changing the speed, but that changed the pitch of the sound. Then, I realized that changing the Tempo worked best. I initially wanted to chop up a real song, but I was unable to import them into the program. I then decided to create sound on my own, singing different pitches. I did not quite like the turn out of that and finally settled for a “speech?. I decided to describe my interests, things that make up who I am as a person, kind of like a fractal. This also fit with my project because it was my interest in art and math that made me choose to combine the two fields.
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December 18, 2007

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Becca's project

For my final project, I combined two aspects of the arts—visual and audio. Because I am a firm believer in the feelings formed by music, I decided to show this interest of mine visually. I had never try to express raw feeling on paper for the sole purpose of its display before, so this was new to me. When viewing the end result and listening to the music it is interesting to see what was going through my mind at the time of each piece’s creation.
The process I took to become satisfied with my project was a long one. First, I planned on developing a systematic way of portraying the musical notes on canvas. When that didn’t work, I thought more abstract and one big piece of paper would be more sufficient. However, that didn’t work either, and I ended up making a different painting for each of Carmina Burana’s twenty-five movements. Each painting was made of random art supplies I had collected next to my desk (watercolor, arcrylic, pastel, marker, and even a highlighter at one point) and limited to the playing time of its corresponding movement. Some were a decent length for me to get what I wanted to convey onto paper while others were unexpectedly abrupt.
Now that I have explored this different aspect of art, I have learned that sometimes it is worth the risk (and the frustration), of trying something new. This project has taught me not only to loosen up my visual style and explore boundaries, but also the importance of visualizing a piece of music and seriously considering what types of messages it is sending to the listener.


Photo 118.jpg

I chose to create magnets for my final project. It was an idea I was excited about and finally had a place to try it out that fit perfectly with two very different realms: mass produced things (magnets) combined with one of a kind pieces of art. I tried to make a collage for my first magnet, using magazine, crayon, prisma colors and various other markers. However when i applied the sealant to the finished collage to make it wterproof, it went crazy and reacted horribly. All the color bled and it completely got all bendy and very weird.

I ended up going another route. I eventually stuck to very flat collages, and no mixed media. I also made a few of my prints into magnets, which was easy since they were just one layer.

All in all though I really enjoyed making them and today I'm going to make a bunch more for Christmas presents. I learned a lot and that was mostly through my errors, having never done this before.

December 17, 2007

Betsy - Independant Project - Photo

College Fun 046.jpg


Independent Project - Sarah

The hybrid for my project was art and media's effect on society. For my project I made multiple collages to form one image. The focus of my piece was to show the negative effect the media has on today's children and how it can influence their decisions. The two main things I focused on was the way violence is portrayed in the media as well as body image. In the media, in particular television and movies, violence and gun use is glorified and the portrayal of what a woman should look like is greatly exaggerated. The way I displayed the glory that media shows was through a television. I decided to choose this because in today's world it seems that the television is where most children are exposed to many issues more than almost any other type of media. Inside of the television there are images of beautiful thin supermodels, famous celebrities, and movies in which gun use is glorified such as James Bond. Meanwhile, I displayed the reality of the outcome of media's effect through the silhouettes of two children. In the silhouette of the young boy I made a collage out of the reality of teen violence with pictures from the results of school shootings such as Columbine or Virginia Tech. In the silhouette of the little girl I made a collage out of images of what young girls do in desperate hopes of perfecting their bodies such as plastic surgery, eating disorders, botox, etc. The bottom of my piece consisted of another collage which was black and white articles and magazine covers of more of the realistic outcomes of gun use and perfection of body image. In doing my project I decided to make a collage because it has been many years since I had done so and I thought it would be interesting to try doing it again for my project and seeing how it turned out. I also added to this by using some acrylic paint in adding splatters to the bottom collage as well as painting the television set to make the piece more interesting. Also, to add more depth and interest to my project I decided to make the televison and silhouettes of the children stand up so that way the piece would be far more interesting instead of being a simple 2 dimensional collage.

Independent Project - Kim Heyer

For my independent project I decided to mix biology and art. I created a children's book page of biology. It is painted as a child's interpretation of biology. Originally it was supposed to be a picture of evolution, but my drawing abilities were not that great. Next, I was trying to create an ecosystem, but again that didn't work out because in the end it turned out to be a food chain. As some of us have realized, things that one attempts to do sometimes turn out to be different things than planned. For this project I believe it turned out for the better because it was easier to draw as if I was younger. Doing this project was in a sense harder for me than all the others because coming up with the initial plan was the hardest part. It just made it easier when things went wrong because I didn't go into complete detail.

December 16, 2007

Final Project: Chris Tuominen

My independant project took the two ideas of inspiration and graffiti and mixed them together. My initial thoughts involved finding a series of large canvases that would match the background textures that I would photograph, but I couldn't find any materials that would match what I planned. So I just went back to the initial pictures I took and elaborated the plans that I had made. For the graffiti to be considered inspirational, I figured that I would have to find areas that would be plain, boring, even gloomy and photograph them. Then I would create a mural that would be applied to specific locations. The graffiti would be inspriational to those who found the murals during the day, so it could have an effect on anyone who noticed them. Then my desired effect would be that those who found the murals would either tell others to go searching for the murals or they could gain ideas and go off and create their own masterpiece. So in a certain sense of the term graffiti, I could leave my mark upon the city and the mind of the passerby.

December 14, 2007

Final- Jessica

For my final project I chose to combine math, art and a little design. I really wasn't sure to do (I don't really have a specific area of art that I excel at), so I chose to do something purposeful. I knew someone who wanted something done and I thought it would be interesting to see what it was like doing art for someone else. I wanted to know if it would be easier or more challenging if you had to meet someone's expectations.
A lot of lessons came from my experience and that's why I chose to present my endeavor as a fairytale/ storybook. fairytales always have a moral and I feel like I left this experience with new morals to keep in mind.

(there was a good effort put into posting pictures, but it just didn't work.)






NiCk DeCkEr


Independent Project - NiCk DeCkEr

For my project the hybrid zone that i tried to focus around was art and architecture. I am really interested in that subject so i wanted that to be a major part of my installation. In one of my classes we had to create a collage out of photographic paper and found that really boring and absolutely hated it. So i thought i should give it another shot and see if i could use that type of idea for this project. I am very interested in frank lloyd wrights work and wanted to have that be the emphasis of my project. So i picked fallingwater because it is probably one of his most famous structures to this day. It was so ahead of its time i wanted to make a collage of the house with other famous architectural buildings. i picked ones that were shown in our arch class this semester that would relate to this project. Salk institute, dancing house, and alvar aalto's municipal town center are just a few. I had an idea of what i wanted to achieve but soon found out that it went terribly wrong. I wanted to use another media i was absolutely horrible and i definetly found out i suck at them. So i cut the collaged house from the first try and put it on a new piece of paper and retried; succesful at last. Hopefully my pictures will load so you can see the process. thanks again for an awesome year guys and Diane!!!!!

December 13, 2007

Julia: Art and Architecture

My hybrid area is architecture, in which I am concentrating on the zone of interaction between art and architecture.

I choose to compile the floor plans of St. Mary’s hospital in Madison, WI by tracing them onto one sheet of trace paper. Then I scanned that image and enlarged the image, in which I tried to transfer the image to canvas by penciling the back side and tracing the image.

I chose this hospital in particular because I was born there, my grandma as put over 10,000 hours of volunteer service there and my aunt was the head of the architectural addition.

When I started, I was not so sure what risk I was taking. But as I was tracing the image originally, I lined the separate floor plans up with the same spot on the trace paper, but the trace paper moved slightly so lines were not exactly matched. I liked it, so I kept going! And when I tried to transfer the image, not everything transferred. So I decided to go with the flow, what lines did I see and what lines could I follow. I felt like my family had their own ways of interacting with the hospital and this was my way.

So originally, I planned to keep the lines as closely matched up. However, as the artist, I took it into my hands to do with it what I wanted… interpret it in my own way.

This painting is actually a Christmas gift for my cousin. We gave him this canvas a few years ago, but it sat in his closet. He said paint me something, so in this way, the same building will continue in my family. And as another thought, since his house is crappy, I thought when we hang it on his wall, I could continue the lines of the floor plan on the wall, blending from paint to marker to wall. This way the building, an important symbol for our family’s values and accomplishments, becomes part of his home.


Allison Prange- Media's Effect on Opinions

-I wanted to start by saying that my piece was not meant to be a political statement of any kind. It was meant to be a commentary on the ability of the media to obscure our views of other, distant cultures. These cultures are not close enough for us to develop our own opinions of them, so we simply take what is most convenient and run with it. Particularly in the middle east, we see the cultures of the region as vicious and untamed. While that may be true in some cases, we overlook the deep cultural history of the area. We see the people as headlines, numbers and articles.

-In the painting, the background picture is of a peaceful religious group in Pakistan performing a religious dance. Though originally the picture was meant to be completely peaceful looking and almost whimsical, the dancers took on a taunting quality, which is ironic in that we see their whole culture in that way. The newspaper headlines on the painting are an abstraction of how the media obscures our view of other cultures. All the headlines refer to topics of debate in the middle east. Though some headlines are more relevant than others, they all contribute to the greater message behind the piece. There are about 5 cut outs which are from a series which appears daily in the U of M newspaper. The series is called "Deaths in Iraq." It lists the body count of American soldiers and Iraqui civilians up to that point. Though the numbers are startling, on th Iraqui civilian side, these headlines were not meant to evoke a feeling of pity or disgust, they are meant to display the fact that we see "the opposing side" in wars as only numbers all too often. The interesting part, for me, was how difficult it was for me to find articles applying to our situation in the middle east. It almost seemed like old news, everyone is sick of hearing about it. This is probably one of the least addressed wars in the history of our country. Sure there are political debates and mentionings of it etc. However, there are few public actions being taken either for or against the war. This piece is a reminder of our situation.

-When making the painting, originally, I was planning to put some sort of clear covering over the painting, that was removable, which would hold the newspaper clippings. The best I could find, however, was "do it yourself" laminating strips which I would stick together to create the clear covering. But this ended up looking a little cheap so I decided against it. I ended up putting the newspaper clippings right on the painting. After I was done putting them on the painting they were a little too disconnected from it, so I decided to put some paint strokes over, and around them. This incorporated them much better into the piece. You almost have an option of whether or not too look at them, which again sends home the message that this can be fixed.

December 12, 2007

Nellie Brau- "Land of the Free"

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-For my independant project I decided to capture the "essence" of how young, American adults view their country. I spoke with many of my friends and in collaboration with my own thoughts developed an idea of America that I chose to display through a combination of media and paint mediums. Unfortunatly, the disscusions I had with my friends about America and our lifestyles were mostly negative. Sex, violence, fast food, pills, and more pills were the general topics when speaking of American culture.

-After I had a general sense of what 'type' of America I was going to portray I went about clipping ads, and newspaper tid bits that I thought might be useful for the project. I then went get supplies for the project and being that I wanted this project to be sort of 'in-your-face' I chose to buy a large, 36x48'' canvas. I started by outlining the canvas in the shape of the United States and then I preceeded to fill the inside of 'America' with a Red Carpet, the word "Consume, " and the word "$uccess," (yes with a dollar sign)...to signify that America is centered on these three things instead of other important things we could be focusing on. I then collaged over this background with the specifically chosen clippings. To bring the whole piece together I then used brightly colored paint to fill-in white spots and I gave the whole canvas a gloss coat.

-I am very happy with the end result. Though the large canvas was overwhelming at times, and I started this project not even knowing the difference between acryllic and oil paints, I did persevre and come out with a finished product that I am proud of. I think the piece deffinitly gets my message across and the 'type' of America I was trying to get at was revealed.

-I tryed to add pictures to the blog but I couldn't get the pixels to reduce in size, so sorry they are so large!

Nellie Brau- "Land of the Free"

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December 5, 2007

Brave New World- Jessica Zwiener

I was actually at the Walker just a few weeks ago to see the picaso exhibit. So when I heard the class was going I wasn't very excited, beause I thought it was going to be alot of the same things I had already sceen. But when we actually went into the exhibit I was stunned by how different it was. At first I didn't know what to think about the different pieces. Between the garden sceen and various videos I had a hard time grouping them into a brave new world theme. Eventually I figure out that this "new world" they were speaking about wasn't a new world at all. The exhibit showed sides to our world that we don't think about everyday. Many cultures make up what we see today, but most of us only see the influences in our own life. I kind of say a challenge in this show. A challenge to explore the world and see other cultures and other ways of living.

Interactive Art - Kim Heyer

I chose to do a puzzle for my interactive art because I wanted people to remember the things that they did when they were young, and I just assumed that most of us have done at least one puzzle. I decided to make it of our family farm which was a place were I grew up mostly. This place has so many memories for me that it was a good choice for this project. I wasn't planning on having things overlap, but thats how it worked out. Which in turn was a good thing because many events in one's life overlap, and that is how they have a lasting effect on a person. One thing I would have changed about this assignment is when I let the class put the puzzle together I wouldn't have put the "hint" picture in front of them. I should have just let them put it together the way that they saw it. Over all, this was a good way to see how people can work together to create a memory.

Sorry I tried to put up the main picture, and I couldn't get it to work!

Brave New World - Kim Heyer

When we were told that we were going to the Walker Art Museum I had no idea what to expect because I've never been there before. So, I called a family member and I was told that I would most likely enjoy it. That person was correct. I fully enjoyed the visit. I was amazed by all the artwork. My favorite section of the Brave New World was the Jewish part. All the art before you walked into the video was all defined as its own. I thought that it fit into the "Brave New World" because it showed the exposure of different culture to the world. I also thought that the video was a good way to introduce to us as viewers how different cultures see the different way of life.

I had a complete understanding of the exhibit because of my senior year AP Literature class. The book a Brave New World was one of the choices that we had for a book to read, and give a verbal speech to the class. I remember this book more than the one that I read because it was so much different from any other book. I believe that all the pieces of work in this exhibit portray a good understanding of a brave new world. It allows each artist to step outside the norm, and try new things.

December 4, 2007

Contemporary Artist - Kim Heyer

1) Jacek Yerka
I chose Jacek Yerka because his artwork is very unique. He paints fantasy worlds. It reminds me of those days that you are just sitting class, and you are very bored and begin to think about random things. He put those random thoughts into a painting, and I believe that most people can relate to at least one of his many paintings. I also wanted to do more research on him because my brother told me about Jacek.


3)I like Jacek Yerka's artwork because it is all inspired by your imagination. I find myself using my imagination everyday. No matter if I'm supposed to be serious or not, I still use my imagination with every move I make. He also inspires me because his family helps him choose which art to keep, and which to throw. This was inspiring to me because my family is a huge part of my everyday life.

Brave New World - Betsy

I found the exhibit to be very interesting and compelling in that one had to really analyze what was going on and how it fit into the catagory of, "brave new world." One piece that really stood out to me above all of the others was the piece with the gunshots that were each covered with individual colored dots. When I first viewed the piece I hadn't read the background about it, and just saw these colored dots on these strange ghostly black and white pictures. After looking at all the pictures, I read the description: these were taken during a period of violence where gunshots were a commonidty and the artist was curious about connecting the violence and art. He would go out into the scene of the picture and would document where all the gun shots were. Then, he'd photograph the area and place colored dots corresponding the maker of the bullet found in that spot. Different countires at this time were funding the war in the area with weapons, and in this case, bullets. I believe it was 14 different countries, and so there are 14 different sized, and different colored dots. I then looked over this piece again, and was amazed by what I saw.
Brave New World for me can be seen in three seperate words. Brave, for me, in this piece was the audacity of the artist to go out into this violent world to collect those bullets. These pieces couldn't have happened if he hadn't have done that. New, this is a new way to look at violence. The concentration of some dots in the pictures was incredible, 70 in one corner of a building, or all different colored dots (indicating all different kinds of bullets) would be all over the side of a house. This is a new way to see violence, to make the shot of every bullet jump out to the viewer, to be so vibrant and unmistakable that a viewer can't ingnore the violence these bullets caused. World, this is someone's actual reality, their world. This is what some people live around everyday. They live with the fear and uncertainty found in war, and this shows their fears to we can have a small way of understanding. This piece exemplified what this exhibit's theme was all about, bravery found in a new place not yet seen in the art world.

Brave New World - Michelle

I have chosen to comment on Gimhongsok’s work, The Boat. My first instinct when viewing this work was to picture someone setting off on a voyage, an adventure to a new land, taking all of his belongings with him. In this translation of the work, it would seem that bravery would be represented in the adventure of this journey, in the idea that one is setting off to an unknown location. The boat did not look very sturdy but rather homemade. Even the music playing in the boat emitted an almost carefree attitude, one that would not give any sign of fear. Any voyage in which the destination is unknown can be a “new? experience, an experience where the voyager will face new trials and create new memories. Also, many times, voyages take place all around the world, visiting these new places and seeing new sites.
In all of these initial reactions to this “sculpture,? there is some relation to the author’s real intentions. However, there are many parts in which I may be wrong in assuming such things. These were just my initial reactions. Looking deeper, I became aware of other possible meanings to this work of art. The objects on The Boat are accumulated from the location of each exhibit, and the objects from the prior exhibits are then given away to the museum workers. In reference to the “world? part of exhibition’s title, these objects represent “cultural divisions? and the various economies around the world. The Boat may also represent a new economy, an every changing one. At each exhibit the products are different, so people are continuously exposed to new products. And again, representing the “brave? aspect of the exhibition, the form of the boat symbolizes a journey or voyage, but I also believe that the fact that he is relying on people from each place to contribute to his creation creates an idea of bravery on his part. In the consumer world in general, bravery is necessary when coming up with new ideas to make money. Many times, a ‘leap of faith’ is required to even create something that stands out from other products. According to the excerpt on the wall, The Boat represents nationalism, profit, cultural divisions, and proposes the question of economic transactions in art making.

Brave New Worlds - Sarah

I really didn't know what to expect when going to the Walker last week. I had never been there before; however, had heard lots of stuff about it. As it turned out I really liked it and really enjoyed looking at all the different pieces. Probably one of my favorite pieces there was the one with the signs (I can't remember what it was called or the artists). There was about 50+ big signs that were all lined up together and had a very interesting look to them. The artist was able to layer these signs and distort some of what was said on the in various ways, creating a very interesting look to them.

This piece fit along with the theme of Brave New Worlds in many ways. The appearance of the signs was very bold and strong creating a "brave" sense to the viewer. The piece in general was very different and the way that it appeared to have been made seemed very "new" to alot of other things I've seen. It seemed very different and unique to alot of the other art works. This piece dealt with the "world" we currently live in today. We live in a very commercialized society and these signs show that. The signs also depict the grim and bleakness of some of the things that we live in today too. Overall, I really liked going to the Walker and hope to go again sometime.

brave new worlds

((hi. i was not at the walker with the class when everyone went; things just weren't going my way that day.
BUT. I'm a good student and so I made sure to go two days later on Thursday. Thursday nights are free and sponsored by Target so it was pretty handy to go then. But I will say that the museum was like a lot more crowded because of people who love a bargain. Also, there was a giant wraparound line for the Frida Kahlo exhibit, which I could not believe. It was so crowded. I didn't even mess with that and went straight to the Brave New Worlds show. ))

I have mixed feelings about this show actually. I felt that a few artists in the show were leaning towards a completely different theme than some of the other artists were. I guess that fits with the title though because now when I think about the major differences between what I am thinking of, I come up with a few categories. The first is a cluttered and child like environment. This world was seen through the scribblings on the wall provided by Lia Perjovschi and also by the display filled with toys about exploration and learning. This was also seen by the artist who chose to cut up maps and let them fall where they may on the canvas. I feel like the curator may have made these two choices quickly, I don't feel that they really say a lot through their art. It's really juvenile or something. These two examples just didn't strike me as the type of thing that would be in this show necessarily.

This show seemed to have a much deeper commentary on the worlds around the artists than what the previous two were alluding to. I appreciated the depth that some works provided. Bravery is not so literal in the sense that they are taking on a physical opponent. But through many works of art some of these artists were challenging disturbing social norms (ie: poverty, corruption, consumerism). I thought the term New could be applied to the sort of ideas that people could glean from the experience. I thought a lot about why these things went together and why some things did not. I thought this was a successful aspect of the show. Worlds were exhibited very literally through installations of environments that we could walk through, video imagery of different locales and other sort of representations.

I liked brave new worlds but I felt that it definitely had some strengths and some weaknesses within it and the artists that the curators chose to put up. It was thought provoking at some points, but tired and overdone at others. It's hard for me to make up my mind about it.

cranes away!

Photo 71.jpg

my project was to teach the class how to make origami cranes.
i wanted to do something that was accesible for everyone and would be free of cost for me. i was able to scrounge up the paper through all sorts of means which meant that there would be a myriad of colors once they were finished.
some people enjoyed this project while others chose to give up. so you win some, you lose some.

my inspiration came from my boring dorm room. i wanted something to spice it up a little bit and add some dimension to it, so i thought cranes were a perfect balance of those things.

December 3, 2007

BNW- Ethan

First of all I would like to say that it has been awhile since i have been at the Walker so it was neat to see some of the recent changes that have ben done on the mueseum. The Brave New World show was very interesting. I actually read the book by Alduous Huxley back in high school, so I was able to relate to the meaning behind the title of the exhibit. I think that the main concepts for the title were that in today's society, things are coming to a critical point in history. People are realizing that the earth's conditions are changing and that inorder to prevent future disastres we have to change the way we live our everyday lives. Also, many urgencies have been going on for long periods of time with no change. New technologies are coming out everyday that revolutionize the way we think.

I think the curator did a good job of mixing a lot of different pieces into the exhibit that fit with the title exclusively. I actually thought that a lot of the pieces had a sarcastic meaning behind them, mocking the lack of progress in certain areas such as poverty and world hunger. Overall, I enjoyed most of the pieces, but I did't always understand them, especially the videos. My favorite piece was the one at the beginning and end with the ironic cartoons painted on the walls and stairs.

interactive project- Ethan

My interactive project dealt with the idea of the absence of color and personality. In the beginning, the piece was black and white. As everybody took their turn, they erased and smeared a part of the black and white paper. Then they filled in their place with a color that best represented themselves as if they were adding their personality to the world. Each of us adds our own color to the world as we go through our lives.

Brave New World - Julia Fillingame

I did not know what to expect out of the exhibit “Brave New World.? When I got there, some pieces seemed to fit the title “Brave New World? more than others. Others seemed to fit the idea of “New World,? a world of many different cultures represented by artists from around the globe as well as many different mediums. However, two pieces in particular made an impact on me.

The first was a piece by Walid Raad. He had matched color-coded and proportional dots to the size and type of shell of the bullets to where they were located in buildings and trees. His explanation of the piece was not until the end, therefore the first time Allison and I viewed this piece we commented, as she said, “how “cool? they all looked.? I remember pointing out a building with many circles and ranges of greens that I thought was the “coolest.? After reading the explanation and looking back on that piece, I felt sick to my stomach. Something so beautiful at first seemed to be disgusting/causing pain. Immediately, I felt the fear I would have living in a place with constant fighting, not knowing about your safety, if you would live or die or if your friends and family would be safe… these emotions this piece evokes in me is how I think Raad emphasizes the theme of bravery. I think this piece represents the idea of “new? as being a continuous procession from the past. That fighting over old issues continues today, we are still concerned about what is ours, and we as a “world? cannot forget and leave behind what has already happened. This type of fighting and hatred is part of the world today.

The second piece was two untitled chromogenic prints by Zwelethy Mthethwa of South African workers in a shantytown. Mthethwa has said, “I do not believe poverty is equal to degradation.? Through these prints he represents the impoverished laborers in the way that they want to be presented in and therefore gives these people respect and sense of dignity. I also thought it was interesting that he said he used vibrant pigments both as an African aesthetic as well as to represent a rich and energetic life. Again, I think in terms of the theme of “New World,? he is representing what is true today of the people in this area. And terms of the theme, “Brave,? he shows the brave struggle of these laborers by the apparent hard work of their daily lives in order to survive and the respect towards the subjects in which they are portrayed.

Brave New World--Rebecca Johnson

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in the Brave New World Exhibit, but as I read the introductory panel to the exhibit, I gained a sense of what I was about to witness. The exhibit is based off of the ideas of the book entitled, Brave New World. In this book, the government is funding research on the early stages of child development. Embryos are mass produced and incubated synthetically. The worse part of the whole ordeal is when the embryos are divided equally to five different groups. Each group treats the developing children differently. The first group is the best treated because they are growing those children to be important intellectual citizens, and the last group is treated terribly with oxygen deprivation and toxic chemicals; these children are to be the menial laborers of their society. Written in 1931, it is ironic that these terrible events could be happening today. Because of this new reality, the curator of the exhibit at the Walker made sure to invoke fear into the viewer and also an understanding of what is really happening in our world today.
While the words “Brave New World? as a phrase invokes a positive feeling full of hope, the exhibit took that feeling and made it into an ironic play on those positive words. The pieces in the exhibit were full of an underlying darkness that was often overlooked. Many really heavy issues were brought up such as politics, war, pollution and the media. Some ideas were more obvious than others, but overall the viewer got a sad feeling that the world is not necessarily new or brave. The viewer doesn’t consider it as “new? going through the exhibit because he or she is reminded of how many mistakes the world keeps making and keeps covering up. Also, the world is not “brave? because those mistakes are just ignored and forgotten. It is just like the book where the government may be believing itself to be brave and new because of their new way of adding people to society, but in reality it would take more bravery to go against the government and stand for his or her beliefs.

Interactive Project - Andrew

Well, it seems like I'm the last one to go, even though I brought it each time we showed them off. My baaad for staying quiet. My interactive project deals with abstraction and how it interacts with realism. First, each person will write their name on a large piece of paper in 2 seconds with a hodgepodge-do-dad with an orange marker attatched on the end. Then, they would take their time and print their name in blue pen over their orange abstracted name. The contrasting shapes of each image as well as the contrasting colors place abstraction and realism together, and will hopefully produce a cool enough finished piece.

BNW - Andrew

When I saw that we were going to visit an exhibition at the Walker called "Brave New World", it brought to mind the novel that I SparkNoted my way through last year all the way to a solid B-. The novel is a story of an all-powerful dystopian state, and the exhibit "Brave New World" follows relatively close to those lines with the political commentary exhibited in all of the pieces. I liked the exhibit very much as a whole, and my favorite piece (or pieces) were the clever, small cartoons on the walls on the way out of the exhibit.
The cartoons represent "brave" for the fact that each of them made a strong statement, and this representation becomes more powerful as one realizes that each of the 40-50 cartoons are of the same relative quality and deep meaning. They are also "new" because of their presentation as doodles on a white wall instead of in a more traditional way. And they represent "world" because the cartoons are political commentary on the world we live in today. Overall, I thought the artist did a great job of following along with the "Brave New World" theme and I really enjoyed my first trip to the Walker.

Brave New World: Chris Tuominen

After taking the time to reflect on the class visit to the Walker Art Museum, I think that I can take a general stab at the idea(s) that I felt were present. I thought that "brave" was represented in the varying styles of pieces. Choosing pieces involves a certain degree of bravery because not every piece will stand up to public opinion. The piece that stands out, may not be the best, but at least it can attract more people to the bigger picture. "New" could mean any number of things, for example, the age that we live in keeps trying to promote new and better things but we could just as easily do without the complicated and confusing junk that follows the new things. It could also represent the idea of showing off an artist or group of artists who would not get exposed to create an inspiration of sorts. Next, for the idea behind "world", i will go with the first thing that comes to mind. The exhibit shows art from around the planet to create a sense of connection to the art on a global scale.

I actually have two pieces that stood out from my day amongst the "world'. The first is the piece by Walid Raad, which left me with a feeling of horror. After wandering down the line, thinking about the various playful colored dots on the pictures, I read the description and found out they represented bullets. At first, I stood and looked back down the line, then I read further and found each different color represented a country. Which left this thought in my head, "could one of those colors be the U.S., and if so, how many dots are on those pictures?"

The second piece that caught my attention was the last piece in the exhibit. It was the cartoon type drawings running down the stairs. I liked the piece because each "toon" had a specific and quirky meaning behind it. It brought the typical, serious news of the day into a format everyone can understand. Other than that, I just found the whole piece enjoyable, and it ended the exhibit on a comical note.

Independent Project Description

The Independent Project is focused on a hybrid area that is most interesting to you.

It may be the zone of interaction occupied by art and architecture, geography and visual art, art and medicine, etc.

It may be an interdisciplinary area within the arts - visual art and dance, sound art and visual art for example.

Probing this hybrid zone is key. In the process encourage yourself to take some risks with the content and/or media that you explore.

You may use media that is new to you or one that is familiar. You may use one medium or multiple media.

We will present 15 Independent Projects over the course of 3 hours, which is 5 presentations per hour.

In order for us to flow from one project critique to another, all projects will need to be ready to present by the beginning of the scheduled class presentation time.

One of the benefits of the critique is the opportunity for you to learn how other people respond to your work, to hear how they make sense of it, how they construct meaning with it.

We will begin each critique by asking 3 people to be primary respondents and then opening up to comments by all, culminating with comments and/or questions by the person presenting their Independent project. Each person will present their project and be a primary respondent for 5 other project presentations.

BNW-Broc Blegen

I believe artists have a very important responsibility to critique or comment on the world they live in. This commentary is often a very dangerous process, and may be what the curator's mean by "brave." Walid Raad's work is an excellent example of this bravery, as he lived in a war-torn city for a long while, when he could have lived in other, safer, parts of the world. It is this decision to make important art that, to me, is a very brave decision. The world is a very different place than it was, say, only 10 years ago, and this gives contemporary artists much new material to comment on. I think that one of the curators goals was to bring together examples of this exploration of the "new world" from as many places as possible. The works in the exhibit are from artists of different races, religions, and locations, yet they all demonstrate exploration of today's world.

This exhibit might also represents a "brave new world" for the curators themselves. Most curators and exhibits generally focus on a single geographic location, or a specific time period, or a specific media or style of artwork. However, this exhibit knocks down all the boundaries except time. The exhibit has works from around the globe, and in every imaginable medium, even scent. By keeping the time period constant it really forces the viewer to reflect on the present time that he or she lives in. It's also brave for the curators to try to value each culture's art equally, to try and stay detached and without bias. They seem to be responsible for the whole world, and it must be a very difficult task filled with many implications.

This exhibit also requires a certain amount of bravery from the viewers, as most are unfamiliar with this format of an exhibition. They are bombarded by artwork of all mediums and from different cultures, there is even art in the stairwells and behind the walls. They are really thrown out of their comfort zone, but this may lead to much individual growth. This getting out of the comfort zone may be something the curators are encouraging in real life-to engage in today's "new world." It is so easy for us stay in our comfort zone and miss experiencing these other great places and cultures.

December 2, 2007

Brave New Worlds Exhibit - NiCk DeCkEr

Before even entering the building it was exciting to see the added on section to the Walker designed by Herzog and De Mouron. It was really neat to see it in real life rather than in books and pictures. I had a picture in my mnd on what the curator wanted this exhibit to look like, i was wrong. I thought brave new worlds meant that artsists were trying to show how they can overcome their fears my using new mediums and show how they understand that. When walking through the exhibit my idea of brave new worlds was certainly strange and found that many artworks tended to overlap. I did not even make it through the whole exhibit because i was so focused on many artworks and how they influence this idea of brave new worlds. To me, this exhibit wanted to show how other artists feel what they think of as a brave new world. Some artists had this idea of bodies of lands as their main focus There were artworks of dissorted maps, videos of distant countries and their problems, and sculptures that made you think. All of these works seemed to be tied together with a string of uncertainty. Some pieces addressed why this idea of brave new worlds are important and others wanted to show the distance between our world and the others that revolve around it.

One piece that stood in my mind was actually a video installation rather than a portrait or sculpture. I do not remember the name of the video or who created it, only it was located towards the left hand side of the exhibit when you entered. You entered through a curtain wall to find a slope of chairs arranged in no particular order and a video that is in a different language than english. Once i sat down i was fixed on the video i couldn't move. The artists were examing the different lifes of being an American versus life on the Gaza Strip. It was weird to think that these Artists disliked America but rather enjoyed it overseas in the Gaza Strip. When you think of the middle east i think of all the unfortunate events that is happening over there and these guys are loving it, saying that this place if more pure and humble than America, and it made me wonder what people in the Middle East think about our country and how we are vastly different for them. I thought these artists did a fantastic job in showng how different cultures seem to be forgoten and how people can interperate them differently, All in All the trip was awesome!!!!

Brave New World- Nellie Brau

While reflecting on the exhibition of Brave New World, I made some conclusions as to what I believe the curator was trying to express. The large exhibtion most certainly offered a variety of mediums, artists, and ideas. I believe the curator was trying to bring in many artists with different backgrounds from one another in order to capture the idea of the whole "world." I felt that after walking through the whole exhibit I had gotten an expression from every continent on earth, which is what I believe the exhibit was intended for. Thought, I couldn't help but feel the pieces in the exhibition weren't exactly praising the "New World" we seem to be entering into. Unfortunatly, I witnessed the depressing sides of many countries, lifestyles, and worlds. I felt myself thinking a few times at how grateful I was to live in the land I do. So many other countries seem to be plagued with war, unsafe working conditions, and opression.

I believe the curator also wanted us to see these pieces and worlds that are currently functioning overseas but still "new" to those of us who live here in America. Brave may be included in the title for the purpose that the world we are living in now, and the world to come is starting to look more and more foreign to us each day. Because of the worlds size, we can't see how some of us are living, therefore creating a new world that we have never seen befor. It is odd to think of the bold new worlds happening throughout our earth. Sometimes America can make us oblivious to the brave worlds functioning within our globe.

Brave New World- Allison Prange

Once I reflected on the exhibit of "Brave New World" with all the pieces sending a new and different message, I thought the piece by Walid Raad was the most moving. He made the piece with the photographs and colored circles all over the pictures. When Julia and I were walking along looking at all the pictures we were just commenting on how "cool" they all looked. At the end, however, we read Raad's explaination of his pieces. While in Beirut in the late 70s he collected bullets and shrapnel from around him. He took photos and marked each bullet hole with a circle in the size and color of the bullest he found there. My stomach honestly dropped. I felt so naïve and childish. We had just walked through pointing out which colors and arrangements we liked best. This is real life.
Raad experienced a time when about 17 countries were fighting in Lebanon. He found that the bullets he collected represented all of the 17 countries that were there. To him a "Brave New World" involved life and death situations on a daily basis. Bravery was evoked from every human being there in that they had to protect themselves regularly. I feel like Raad's pieces sort of poked fun at the "New" portion of the title in an almost sarchastic or mocking manner. We rave about the incredible development of our country and our world as a whole and yet there are people and places left behind, but we ignore them. We have "selective ravings" if you will. "World" to Raad was related to the fact that his world was so limited and collapsing at the time. Really the rest of the world offered little to no assistance in his case. I found his piece very moving. It is something we hear about and give off a little feeling of sorrow for, and yet I had rarely felt a truely deep feeling for it until I saw his piece. Well done...