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Becca's project

For my final project, I combined two aspects of the arts—visual and audio. Because I am a firm believer in the feelings formed by music, I decided to show this interest of mine visually. I had never try to express raw feeling on paper for the sole purpose of its display before, so this was new to me. When viewing the end result and listening to the music it is interesting to see what was going through my mind at the time of each piece’s creation.
The process I took to become satisfied with my project was a long one. First, I planned on developing a systematic way of portraying the musical notes on canvas. When that didn’t work, I thought more abstract and one big piece of paper would be more sufficient. However, that didn’t work either, and I ended up making a different painting for each of Carmina Burana’s twenty-five movements. Each painting was made of random art supplies I had collected next to my desk (watercolor, arcrylic, pastel, marker, and even a highlighter at one point) and limited to the playing time of its corresponding movement. Some were a decent length for me to get what I wanted to convey onto paper while others were unexpectedly abrupt.
Now that I have explored this different aspect of art, I have learned that sometimes it is worth the risk (and the frustration), of trying something new. This project has taught me not only to loosen up my visual style and explore boundaries, but also the importance of visualizing a piece of music and seriously considering what types of messages it is sending to the listener.