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Betsy - Independant Project

I was a little lost at first with what I would use to make my final project. I knew I wanted to do something that I could use again, so something relevant to me and my life. I came upon the name idea randomly one day out of the blue - but it was perfect. I've always been interested in the power of what a person's name holds. When I say a name, I immediately think of the person I know who's the owner of that name and how they've morphed me as a person. I wanted to incorporate the hundreds of names that I had a connection to, to an object. In our class discussion about our projects, someone gave me the idea of a mirror - and it was a perfect idea. From there my project took off.

I used a black frame around a mirror as the base for my names. I would use mod podge to coat the surface of the frame, and then lay down a name with mod podge on top of it. When dried it gives a clear, glossy sheen. I looked up as many names that I could in magazines I had in my room. The more unique names that wouldn't be found within the pages of a popular magazine were created on my computer. I used different fonts and different colors for each name I typed up to give an overall uniqueness to each name - just like the person it represented. There were two hooks that were on the mirror when I purchased it, and from them hang the aspects of my personality that are shaped by the people on the mirror: Strength, Weakness, Values, Self-Worth, Religion, Character, Drive, Passions, Dreams, Confidence, Abilities, Ideology, Morals, Past, Present, & Future. And tied to both hooks and hanging below the personality labels hangs the word Life.

Overall the project represents to me, myself. I look in the mirror and as I see my reflection, I see the hundreds of names that contributed to the person I see in the mirror. Some impacted me negatively and some positively. The personality labels that hang below remind me of what I believe in and how I act in my daily life. The beauty of the project is that anyone could look in the mirror and see people that impacted THEIR life behind the names they see. The Katie that I know may have impacted me differently than the Katie you know. Etc.

This project for me brought together art, text, symbols and individuals. The art is the overall project, the text is seen in the names of all the people, the symbols are what is represented behind those names, and the individual is needed to physically look in the mirror and bring the project to life.

I enjoyed presenting this to the class, because as people would shout out a name they saw on the frame, I'd have a simple story behind why that name is there - what the impact that person had on me. Every name on this frame bears the significance of something important IN ME. Take a look through the mirror...what do you see????