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Final Project: Chris Tuominen

My independant project took the two ideas of inspiration and graffiti and mixed them together. My initial thoughts involved finding a series of large canvases that would match the background textures that I would photograph, but I couldn't find any materials that would match what I planned. So I just went back to the initial pictures I took and elaborated the plans that I had made. For the graffiti to be considered inspirational, I figured that I would have to find areas that would be plain, boring, even gloomy and photograph them. Then I would create a mural that would be applied to specific locations. The graffiti would be inspriational to those who found the murals during the day, so it could have an effect on anyone who noticed them. Then my desired effect would be that those who found the murals would either tell others to go searching for the murals or they could gain ideas and go off and create their own masterpiece. So in a certain sense of the term graffiti, I could leave my mark upon the city and the mind of the passerby.