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Independent Project - Sarah

The hybrid for my project was art and media's effect on society. For my project I made multiple collages to form one image. The focus of my piece was to show the negative effect the media has on today's children and how it can influence their decisions. The two main things I focused on was the way violence is portrayed in the media as well as body image. In the media, in particular television and movies, violence and gun use is glorified and the portrayal of what a woman should look like is greatly exaggerated. The way I displayed the glory that media shows was through a television. I decided to choose this because in today's world it seems that the television is where most children are exposed to many issues more than almost any other type of media. Inside of the television there are images of beautiful thin supermodels, famous celebrities, and movies in which gun use is glorified such as James Bond. Meanwhile, I displayed the reality of the outcome of media's effect through the silhouettes of two children. In the silhouette of the young boy I made a collage out of the reality of teen violence with pictures from the results of school shootings such as Columbine or Virginia Tech. In the silhouette of the little girl I made a collage out of images of what young girls do in desperate hopes of perfecting their bodies such as plastic surgery, eating disorders, botox, etc. The bottom of my piece consisted of another collage which was black and white articles and magazine covers of more of the realistic outcomes of gun use and perfection of body image. In doing my project I decided to make a collage because it has been many years since I had done so and I thought it would be interesting to try doing it again for my project and seeing how it turned out. I also added to this by using some acrylic paint in adding splatters to the bottom collage as well as painting the television set to make the piece more interesting. Also, to add more depth and interest to my project I decided to make the televison and silhouettes of the children stand up so that way the piece would be far more interesting instead of being a simple 2 dimensional collage.