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Photo 118.jpg

I chose to create magnets for my final project. It was an idea I was excited about and finally had a place to try it out that fit perfectly with two very different realms: mass produced things (magnets) combined with one of a kind pieces of art. I tried to make a collage for my first magnet, using magazine, crayon, prisma colors and various other markers. However when i applied the sealant to the finished collage to make it wterproof, it went crazy and reacted horribly. All the color bled and it completely got all bendy and very weird.

I ended up going another route. I eventually stuck to very flat collages, and no mixed media. I also made a few of my prints into magnets, which was easy since they were just one layer.

All in all though I really enjoyed making them and today I'm going to make a bunch more for Christmas presents. I learned a lot and that was mostly through my errors, having never done this before.