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Michelle Stein - Final Project

For my independent project, I combined the fields of art, more specifically sculpture and sound, and math, more specifically fractals. Initially, I was planning on painting a picture of a fractal. However, I later decided against this because I felt as though this was not a giant leap from the original 2D graphs that fractals are pictured as. Also, I have worked with paint a number of times. Sculpture, on the other hand, is not something I have had much experience with. Also, manipulating sound was completely new for me.
Through sculpture and sound, I mimicked the characteristics of a fractal: “A curve, or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical characteristic of the whole? (Oxford Dictionary). In the sculpture, I created a triangular pyramid, each side holding another, and another, and another. Looking at the overall sculpture, you can see that it is made up of smaller versions of the whole. To create this, I made molds for each triangle out of paper, making sure that the length of the sides were halved as they became smaller. Initially, I did not create a solid mold, rather, a bunched up wad of paper and tin foil. This did not work very well because it was not solid and didn’t have precise dimensions. Therefore, I constructed molds for the remaining sculpture.
With the sound, I created a fractal by overlapping the same sound, but at different tempos. This creates a fractal because if you listen closely to only a segment of the overall “song? you can hear a quicker version of the same thing. This was an interesting experience to create this because I had never worked with the program Audacity before. I had to experiment with all the different tools to find out which one did what I wanted to do. I tried changing the speed, but that changed the pitch of the sound. Then, I realized that changing the Tempo worked best. I initially wanted to chop up a real song, but I was unable to import them into the program. I then decided to create sound on my own, singing different pitches. I did not quite like the turn out of that and finally settled for a “speech?. I decided to describe my interests, things that make up who I am as a person, kind of like a fractal. This also fit with my project because it was my interest in art and math that made me choose to combine the two fields.
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